When I was a teenager I always thought that Apple was overrated and their products weren’t worth the price. Then I got an iPod touch, I used it for a while and fell in love with it. I just really liked everything about it. Now I am a big Apple fan and I own an iPhone 4S (Yeah that’s old version and I am trying to upgrade. But I may stick with it until iOS 8 is released). I am also looking forward to shift from PC to Mac, I hope to buy a Macbook Air soon. Anyway, here are the top ten reasons why I love my iPhone so much.


1. The Design

One thing even the hardcore Apple haters would never deny is the sleek and stylish design of Apple products and iPhone is no exception. I think major credits goes to Johnathan Ive, Senior Vice president of Design who is the one who revolutionized the designs of Apple products. Apple always goes for simplicity but never fails to leave people wondering that there’s so much beauty in simplicity. The design changes they make from time to time has never failed them. For instance when Apple changed their curved edge style of iPhone 3G to sharp edges in iPhone 4 I thought it wouldn’t be a success but it was perfect and after using it iPhone 3Gs design doesn’t feel right! Apple gives utmost importance to the way their products look. Not only the hardware but also the packing of the product including the box, product arrangement and all are done with an artistic approach. Also their operating system, iOS, is simple and there are no additional themes and stuff because it is perfect the way it is. I once jailbroke my iPhone and tried various themes and in the end I switched back to the original iPhone theme because that’s the best. Moreover we should not forget that it was Apple who designed this interface of icons, swiping screens etc. much before Android or any other similar operating systems came into the market.
In short, this is the best part of Apple I like. I like everything about it. I hope Apple wouldn’t go away from their previous principles when it comes to design in future. For Steve Jobs it was important that the mobile phones must be designed in such a way that people could use it with one hand. And I have the same opinion, I don’t like using 5 inch or 6 inch phones because they don’t feel like a mobile phone and it is very difficult to carry the around. Apple is also not much fond of the buttons. Anyway I should also point out that the home button of the iPhone is not so durable. Home buttons of my iPod touch and iPhone broke rather easily.

2. iOS and its smooth operation

iOS is the smoothest operating system I’ve ever used. Of course, there are occasional crashes but most of the time it runs flawless. And if there are problems then there is something wrong with your device because iPhones are designed to work smoothly. I have used both the Android and the Windows OS and I think iOS is better when it comes to operating smoothly (To be fair, both of these phones cost even lower than the the half of the iPhone price). Switching from one app to another app is easy, deleting apps, closing apps and almost everything is simple and is works effectively. We can also take control over the notifications and how they are shown. I set pop up notification for important applications such as Calendar, Any.DO etc. and for other apps I use banner notifications. I think iOS 8 will have much more stability and performance than iOS 7 and Apple will be announcing about it soon.
I think iOS being a closed OS has a major advantage when it comes to running smoothly. When I jailbroke my iPhone this smoothness was much affected. Phone started hanging much frequently. There were also many application crashes and other problems. It is one of the reasons I would not recommend jailbreaking and iDevice.

3. The Safari Browser

Safari browser is the best. Normally we never use the default browser of any device. When it comes to desktop, most of us use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. When I was using Android I used Dolphin Browser and Opera Mini most rather than the default browser that came along. Also, while using Lumia I used Opera and UC browser. Anyway, in iPhone I use Safari and haven’t even tried any other browsers. It’s really fast, pages loads quickly. And there’s an option which makes the ads, sidebars and other junk go away and let us focus on the content of the webpage. It is ideal for people who read a lot online. There all other features you’ll find in any decent browser such as multiple windows, Private browsing, Bookmarking etc.
The only fault would be that you cannot download stuff using Safari. It is not a fault of Safari but the iOS itself is designed in that way. So if you want to download some mp3 or other stuff you will have to get an app for that from the Apple Store. But for browsing I don’t recommend any other browsers than Safari for iPhone.

4. App Store

To be honest I don’t like the way the App Store is designed. But I do like the apps available on the App Store and it’s the only way to access them. The reason I don’t like the way Apple designed its Store is because it’s difficult to find new and high quality apps. Earlier I used Appsfire, an iOS app, which features all the new and noteworthy applications and I absolutely fell in love with it. But after sometime the developers took the app off the store because Apple wouldn’t approve their new updates for some reasons.
The thing about iOS apps are that they are of high quality. While Android also has most of the apps which is available in iOS they also have so many crappy and useless apps as well. I think this has a lot to do with Apple’s costly developer account and their strict approval policies. Anyway, I like killing my time browsing through various categories of the App Store and finding and trying out new apps. On the other hand I do think that Apple has to update their App Store’s overall design and make new and worthy apps more visible to the users.


5. No Virus

Well, there's not much to say about this! iPhone is not affected by any viruses, as far as I  know. (Though I am seeing some security apps these days and I don't know what that means)


6. Better features

The thing I like the most about iPhone is that it doesn’t show off with features we don’t need. Today many mobile phones comes with features that no one uses. The other day my friend was showing off his new phone’s feature which allows him to go back and forth while browsing through photos with some gestures he does in the air. Apparently the phone has some sensors which sense this action and do the job. So I asked him how often he use that feature instead of just swiping the screen and it turns out that he never uses it unless he wants to show that feature to someone else. Of course, iPhone lacks some features like bluetooth file transfer, Sending images via whatsapp from the photo gallery etc. But on the other hand it has tons of other features and apps available within it and that’s what makes iPhone the best even with a huge price tag. 


7. Durability

I’ve been using my iPhone for more than 6 months and I must say that it is a quality built product. It fell off of my hands quite a few times but hasn’t done any damage yet. I do use a protective case, a cheap one, to be fair. I use iPhone 4S (Yeah, I am trying to upgrade but, you know, it’s too costly in – especially – in India) and the back of the phone is also made with some glass or glass like material and it can break easily. If you compare iPhone’s durability with old Nokia Symbian phones then you might be disappointed. But for a Smartphone iPhone is strong because it is made with high quality materials. 


8. iTunes

I must admit that sometimes iTunes gives me hard time. At first when I started using iPhone I absolutely hated iTunes. The reason was that until then I used either Nokia, Android or Windows phones where all I had to do to add songs to my phone is just to copy and paste like we do with any USB device. But that’s not possible with Apple. I had to download this iTunes for that and even after using it I wasn’t a big fan of it because it was difficult to get along with it. I had to update my Library, import the songs from directories and then sync the iPhone and all of those things seemed unnecessary to me.
But the best part of iTunes is not about copying songs. It’s about syncing and backing up. I know it seems useless that iTunes backups your phone each time you connect it with your computer but you’ll be thankful for it in case you lose your phone or upgrade it. With just a click of a button you could get all your data back.


9. Easy Migration

When I was using Lumia and I wanted to switch to iPhone the biggest problem I had to face was transferring all my contacts. It was very difficult as I didn’t find any way to save my contacts into one single file from my Lumia that can be opened from iPhone. And that really annoyed me because Windows, at that time, allowed you to backup your multimedia stuff but not your contacts. I found one app though, something which had ‘Bat’ in its name, which was helpful in transferring contacts over the air using some technology (no, it’s not bluetooth) which I don’t know. But the trouble was it can only send 5 contacts at a time.
So after I switched to my iPhone I just wanted to find out how troublesome it would be with it. To my surprise there were tons of applications which were designed to backup contacts and then just restore it on any device including Android, iOS or Windows with just a click.


10. Brand value

I like the brand value that Apple has. And one must admit that Apple earned it by launching quality products. The principle held by Steve Jobs was that it is better to launch smaller number of products and concentrate on their quality rather than producing a whole bunch of products. Apple has limited number of products and they focus on it to make it the best.

The thing is that people understand the products of Apple. If I show my iPhone to someone he/she will be able to identify it without a doubt or even second thought. But I can’t say the same about other companies. Like, if someone shows me a Samsung Grand and S2 I cannot understand which is which even though one is a budget phone and other one is a premium phone. For me it seems that Samsung doesn’t care about their phones having an identity. They just one to make a quick buck by producing a huge range of phone where most of them looks similar. I don’t think they invest much time and money in the design and build quality like Apple does. And most of all they don’t have an OS for themselves!

These are some of the things I like about Apple the most. Of course, many may disagree about these factors. The thing I noticed about Apple products is that once you start loving Apple products then there is no end to it. For all those who are looking to buy a new phone and can afford Apple’s price tag, just go for iPhone and you’ll love it. I think most people go for other phones just because they can’t send and receive files over Bluetooth on an iPhone but the fact is once you start using iPhone you wouldn’t care for it because it’s simply too good in all other ways.

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