Mandarmuni is a beach resort in Purba Medinipore district of West Bengal. It is situated just 180km from Kolkata and is a very popular beach resort. It attracts lots of tourist every year from far and near. Kolkata people enjoy the beach very much. It is the longest beach of India which is 13km long. People here enjoy the sunrise and sunset and enjoy the waves of the sea. One could also see the fisherman catching the fish from the sea. The place is very quite. The beach is almost crowded with small red crabs which move around the beach. The beautiful scenic beauty can be seen here. People here come to relax. The handicrafts items are very famous. People here made various handicrafts items of oyster and shells and sell them in the local markets and the shops near the beach. Shells necklace, hats, beach balls and other such items can be purchased from these small shops. Many foreigners now visit this place. Sun bathing is also done here by the tourist from October to February. One could also visit the Digha, Shankarpur and other places near Mandarmuni. Digha is also a very popular and crowded sea beach near Mandarmuni. It is one of the most popular beach of West Bengal and is almost crowded with tourist every day. Mandarmuni has dense forest of "Jhau trees"near the delta and on other side there is a fishing village. The farmers here sold Green Coconut water near the beach which the tourist enjoys.

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