• Importance Of Solar Energy

    India is a fast-growing

  • India - The Country still Alive

    India - The Country still Alive


    India, Bharat, Hindustan

    The only civilization that after so many attacks and loots is still living in its purest form. Smiling and laughing, playing, jumping and dancing. Its alive till now when other civilization born and

  • Is Protein Bad For You ??


    • P.Butter
  • Justice does not retire

    Far from the trajectory of belief yet next to reality is the visit of the messenger bird perching on the guava trees of my garden having entwined itself to my window screens.The bird appeared funny having hung a clock around the neck , drew nearer me and whispered "cuckoo, clock around the neck

  • Kokborok kok-Reke ni kokthai

    “The Kokborok Kokreke is one of

  • lasttissue review

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  • Life ! Within You

    Hey! Feeling alone? Need a companion? Yes, What for? Who? A

  • Mental Illness And Its Influence On Artworks Of Celebrated Artists

    Imagination at its best is creativity and at its worst is anxiety, gloom, and depression. Artists are blessed with an excellent imagination that inspires them to create art that doesn’t just express but provokes. Whether it is contemporary art

  • Mutual Fund vs Property Investment

    To secure our future and to have our life safe and jolly we tend to have more wealth in future than now. For that investment has always been the inevitable part of our future planning. We always think to generate more money by investing our existing money.

    Previously we have lots of

  • Not a cup of tea

    The festival was at its heights. The autumn months in India are

  • Payment details on boddunan

    Where am I supposed to filly payment detail, and also can you please make this site more easy to navigate. I am not able to edit my profile as it shows some error, but doesn't tell me what the error actually is

  • Private Detectives

                      Private Detectives

    Most of us are familiar with the profession ‘Private Detective’ but not everyone knows how they actually operate or how to pursue this

  • Programming - A Recap of Frontend Development in 2019

    2019 was the time of TypeScript. Not just has TypeScript become the defector decision for adding information types to JS code, numerous designers are regularly choosing for use it over vanilla JavaScript for both individual undertakings and at work. 


    In the Stack

  • Reality Of Sex

                                                                      Reality of sex

    Should keyword frequencies in blogs to be published on websites really need to be limited?

    Keyword frequency restrictions are put forth by publishing sites quoting that, excessive use of keywords means articles are written for search engines and not for readers. But, how can a writer reduce the frequency of keyword "water" when he is writing an article on "water pollution"?

  • Spotless home - some tips !

    One cannot compromise with cleanliness especially within ones home...To have a spotless home there are certain tasks that we need to do every day.Here is a list of dos that most people would do to keep their homes spotless , clean and safe...very practical tips that one can easily follow and

  • Srinivasa Ramanujan

    Srinivasa Ramanujan

    It's a tale from the annals of mathematics. G. H.

  • Starting Today For A Better Tomorrow

    Today, tomorrow or the day after…. Whatever….I have been trying for a while to start this


    Does Success ride on the back of Uncertainty ? There is no definite answer for this - May be or May not. Then what is Success. It can be answered in many different ways, all answers are co-related to the context. So no point in giving any definition of Success. Just highlight how Success and

  • Supernova: the explosion in space

             - :Supernova:-


    Supernova is a one of the big encident in a space. When any star become to old in universe and it is his last step( life), it is gonna big boom( strong explosion) to destroy itself called