• Are you lazy in doing exercise?

    Question is simple. Frankly I should say, yes I am! Though I desire a lot to do manual exercises to stay fit, laziness drives me away from it. It's the case of most of the people around us. What about you?

  • Benefits Of Exercise

    Hi Everyone, as we know to live happily there is a great need for peace of mind and that can be dependent upon a person to person that what makes them happy and peaceful. so, first of all, let us talk about the major aspect or we can say the major reasons to be

  • Energy is the currency of life !

    Someone rightly said that Energy is the currency of life and without it there is simply no life.Fatigue is one of the most common complaints that

  • Reducing mental stress

    What is stress❓...
  • Safe upper body exercises for back strengthening

    Below you can find a few upper body exercises to not only strengthen the back but also prevent back pain:

    Before getting to know about these exercises, you must be aware that you need to work out alternate days for example Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with rest on Sundays.

  • Swimming- one of the best sport for health

    I would like to share about an exercise that benefits everyone with good fitness by activating all and most of the body muscles. It is none other than swimming. It can be both outdoors as well as indoors in a private pool, canals, wells, rivers and where not. It is one of the oldest known

  • Take your diabetes seriously if you don't want to be dead

    Diabetes ManagementDo you have diabetes?

    Is any of your close family member or friend is diabetic?

    Are you sure you are not on the path of becoming a diabetic