• Morning mistakes committed by us

    Some people get up in early morning and some won't. This article describes the 8 common mistakes we are making in the morning time. Think and plan your day. Most people skip morning breakfast.


  • My Journey of becoming a Google's Associate Android Developer

    I learned about this certification last year in 2020 when I was learning Android Development. I was just browsing Youtube and watching the Google I/O Keynote 2019 when I came across a Google’s Associate Android Developer’s success story. That’s when I realized Google’s certificate! provides

  • My life

    Beautiful smile, shattered heart,

    Days shorter, nights bigger,

    Smiling, I know that art,

    Totally on his own, but stronger. 

    More gloomy dreams, no hope,

    My faith is wrecked,

    Faint light, weaken the rope,

    So it makes me feel

  • National Daughters Day

    The National Daughters Day 

  • Nature and Its Beauty

    Nature and their rules

    Human and Nature

    Humans are the greatest creation of nature and now humans dominate the world over nature without their permission and destroy all other creations of nature. There is no rule for destroying creation in nature's book but there is

  • Need for common language for communication in India ?

    We have seen in India there is lot of discrimination on basis of language. If you go to Andhra or Telangana then Telugu people will be preferred if you go to Tamil Nadu then Tamil speaking people are given preference. Similarly in Karnataka - Kannada speaking people and in West Bengal -Bengali

  • Never give up

    My first suggestion to all my friends will be that never give up

    You got life for only one time so do the thing in which you are best 

  • North East India

    One of the most interesting and thrilling regions to visit in India is the northeast, which is made up of the Seven Sister states and Sikkim. Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura are the

  • Not a cup of tea

    The festival was at its heights. The autumn months in India are

  • Notebook

    Suraj was sitting on a train. He was leaving Kolkata forever. He was excited but guilty. It was raining outside, and a few raindrops were sliding down the window. But a few raindrops were sliding down through his eyes too. Suraj had left the love of his life behind, and he was thinking

  • Nutrition , which help you to fight against covid 19 pandemic

    Nutrition , which help you

  • OBOR China : Reason to worry for Pakistan ?

    China's OBOR(One Belt One Road) initiative can be a reason of concern for Pakistan because in past China helped to build Hambantota port in Sri Lanka but when Sri Lankan government could not pay back the debt , China acquired the port. Pakistan's economy is also not in good shape so it will be

  • Ode To Death

    Ode To Death

    Old beliefs and their scientific reasons

    Many of our ancestral beliefs,customs and practices have a scientific or logical explaination. Jotting down a few here. Plz add on if you are aware of any more.

    1. Should not cut nails at night:: in olden days sources of light were minimal so it was adviced to refrain from cutting nails

  • One chance

                          One chance 

            One chance is a tale who are actually waiting for one opportunity to climb the film

  • Oneer Tm :: Provision for safe drinking water

    Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed Oneer TM which can provide clean filtered drinking water. This is particularly targeted for rural areas where we do not get clean and pure drinking water. The output cost of clean water will be around 2 paise / litre. It will be

  • Origin of Life- Focussing Chemical Evolution

    This article is focused particles on chemical evolution. Earth developed around 4.6 billion years back by condensation of elm or cloud of cosmic dust and gases. Not body knows what actually happened. Well its beyond our reach to go into past and

  • Overpopulation the biggest problem and it's solution.

    As far as overpopulation is concerned it is the biggest problem of human life. Many prolems are creating due to overpopulation. Due to overpopulation we need more resources to fulfill needs of peoples

  • Palau - The first country to ban sunscreen lotions

    According to an estimate, every year around 14000 tonnes of sunscreen lotion gets washed into the oceans when the people who use these lotions, enter into sea for swimming or fun. The sunscreen contains various harmful chemicals which can damage the Corals reef in the ocean. Palau has become