• Apps for women safety

    Here are some useful apps for women for their safety. These apps will work in android system. Hope soon there will be a software announced for people who have basic cell phone. Necessity is the mother of invention.Till then pepper spray is the best one for women and their safety.


  • Are We Indians Ready For Tejas and Vande Bharat Trains?

    Indian Railways is the fourth largest railway network in the world. Inspite of being the fourth largest railway network of the world, majority of train rakes of indian railway are running with an average

  • Are you at peace within?

    Would you consider yourself to be at peace within yourself and in your environment?  Would you consider yourself a happy person?

    I guess I am there.. happy and content with life .. how about you? 



    Hi All,

    My article got rejected and it was mentioned that the reason is described in "user notes". Where to find this "user notes"

  • ASPIRIN tablets can remove acne and pimples problems, know it's all benefits

    ASPIRIN tablets can remove acne and pimples problems, know it's all benefits

    Sometimes, being exposed to dust for a long time, causes dirt on our skin, causing pimples and acne on our skin. Many girls use a lot of beauty products to overcome these problems, but using these beauty

  • Attempt Yoga for Back Agony Alleviation

    I've encountered soreness and solidness in my lower back for a considerable length of time. I've been to each sort of expert there is, yet am not fulfilled by the different findings I've gotten. The vast majority of the specialists simply needed to put me taking drugs and send me away, yet the

  • Avoid nervousness in your first interview


  • Be kind with yourself

    We are always taught to be kind with everyone. We are taught to forgive everyone even though the mistake might be too big. We are always taught this. Time by time this becomes a habit and forgiving others and becoming kind with them directly or indirectly makes us forget to be kind with

  • Bharat ke Veer Initiative by Ministry of Home Affairs

    Bharat Ke Veer is an initiative by Ministry of Home Affairs. It aims to raise funds for the families of paramilitary forces personnel who died on duty. All contributions made to this initiative will be exempted from income tax. Akshay kumar and Pullela Gopichand are the trustees for this trust.

  • Bheel Mahabharata Eulogises Love of Snake King with Draupadi

    The Mahabharata is one of the oldest epics ever written. Experts are of the opinion that perhaps it was written around 4500 BC. This epic predates the Iliad and the Odessey by at least a few centuries. Like the Greek epics the Mahabharata also  has some interpolations and

  • Bird flu crisis deepens in the country central government seeks report from states

    The whole world has not yet emerged from the corona virus epidemic that meanwhile the risk of bird flu has spread in the country. Bird flu cases are increasing rapidly in many states of the country. States like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal

  • Blessing in disguise

    Can you all see this night a sky full of stars and a moon just viewing you from far behind ?. Most of you including me like sunrise before quarantine but trust me this time has it’s own magic .I made a practice of just being at terrace of my house every night in these quarantine days and refer

  • Budget

    In July 9th, Nirmala Sitharaman, our new finance minister will announce the full Budget.

    What will be the youth & common man expect from this budget?

    What will our suggestions be?

  • Building up the conversation (part 8)

    Building up the conversation ( part 8)

    Care for your MENTAL HEALTH

    Maintaining your mental health is vital to living a happy, healthy life. But unfortunately, millions of people struggle with mental illnesses that leave them feeling hopeless, helpless and alone. Many turn to drugs and alcohol to

  • Change Your Mindset Towards Shifting With Packers And Movers Bangalore

    Local  Packers and movers bangalore   @ 

    College students lost their life giving importance to "Selfie"

    Three college students lost their life giving importance to "Selfie" on a moving train. Today youngsters are giving much importance to technology than their life. Share your thoughts about Selfie.


  • Commonly used chemicals in house hold products and in some medicians can cuase cancer!

    Various chemicals are used in products like pesticides, insecticides, plastic bags, food containers, water bottles, biocides used in hand washes and cosmetics and many more. These chemicals may cause cancer.



  • Corporate Law v. Litigation

    How does corporate law as a career compare with litigation?

    In addition to deciding which area of law to pursue, this is another question that constantly puzzles law students.

    Many people are confused between these two areas because of what they hear from their

  • covid-19

    This is becoming a mess for everyone. Specially in India, covid -19 is a topic which has many meanings. for some people it's profit, for some people it's opportunity, and for some its the end of everything that exists. its a huge difficult task to be patient and wait for some miracle that will