• Who's the beautiful creation of GOD?

    Have your brain cells ever involved in the jam of significant thoughts to ponder about the most astute and beautiful creation of God?

    Well, if consulted me my sophisticated mind will reflect humans as the absolute creation of Almighty.Considering those numerous snippets and the flawless

  • whom you prefer to be an INDIAN or AMERICAN ???? say frankly

    there's many difference between an INDIAN and an AMERICAN according to the way of living in both the countries .so whom do you prefer don't say like that just because you stay in India  

  • Why did superstar Meena Kumari help the mother of that little girl

    The Queen Of Tragedy.

    Today we will talk about such a beautiful actress who should be there

  • Why do Private Companies (Not MNC's), pay less despite having good profits & revenue?

    I have observed that in Private Companies other than MNC's, salaries are less & even the increments thereon are also less, there are not much parameters or any professional method that is followed for appraisals, why is it so?

  • why it happens with me?

    This is upsetting when you like a person you lose him/her. I have colleague cum friend. Basically he is a subordinate and learned everything from me at work and we have a good bonding in last 2 years and have been friends more then a boss or subordinate relation. Everything was moving fine till

  • Why People always peep into others life?

    When I completed my Studies and due to my parents i stayed at home without apply for job.

    But people used to poke with their words asking are there any subject  which you have to complete. thats why you are not working. I dont know why they bother about others.

    When I was

  • Why Self-love is so important in this social media era?

    In this era of Facebook and Instagram where people are hiding behind filters and serving something totally different than reality the importance of self-love, self-care and self- acceptance has increased more than ever before. We and our society are getting influenced by

  • Wonder Of Science

    Today's era is the era of science. Man is moving towards material happiness. As a result, there has been unprecedented progress in this era of physics. New inventions are happening every day. Man has been conquering nature with his intelligence. Today's scientists have made the impossible

  • Workers and their rights- And the reality

    Rights and duties

    May Day is celebrated on 1st May every year as “workers’ Day” all over the world. We appreciate their role as ‘makers of a nation’ and therefore support their rightful demand of hike in wages for doing a hard job that helps in keeping this world going. Therefore the

  • World Climate Change

    We are consuming too much !!!

     As the world population increased, people also began consuming more. Apart from basic food, we started making more products for consumption and use -tools, machines, clothes, vehicles, appliances, computers and so on. We also added services like

  • You should forget about others' opinion

    You cannot change overnight

    How would you react if I say that respecting others’ opinion is one thing but taking that literarily is neither necessary nor that puts you in a situation which strengthens their own position by

  • Your best virtue gained from work

    Friends, if someone would as you; what is the best virtue you have gained in your experience at work, what would you say?

    We spend 3/4th of our lives at work , what do you think is your best virtue you have developed in all this time?

  • Zimbabwe health minister complains Chinese Condoms too small for Africans


    China has made long strides in the field of manufacture and industry to military power. It has also developed deep pockets. China has a lot of surplus cash to donate to needy countries. It is hard to reconcile that in 1948, not even a bicycle was made in China but now it has even

  • अकेला लड़का और उसकी ?

    ना जाने क्या हुआ है मुझे कई दिनों से नींद नहीं आ रही है , क्या आप बता सकते है....................?  अक्सर लोग सोचते है सायद कोई  है l           पर ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं.....है  बिलकुल सही समझा आपने ! मै कई दिनों से किसी से मिलने की

  • मेरी जिंगगी

    डर, शिकायत किसी बात की नही होगी,

    पता नही आगे की जिंदगी कैसी और क्या होगी..

    लेकिन मित्र,