• difference between ritual and belief


    A belief is our mind’s state which one may have as per one’s opinion and having a strong confidence that it is true. It comes as the individual grows in the certain environment. It can also be formed from a group of people. It is mostly

  • Impostors among us.


    Back in the day, I was enjoying playing game called "Among us " with my friends. At the time I never heard the word impostor before or what it means. After googling it that hit me hard( Person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others).I stopped playing

  • What is my kind of 'Romantic'?

    Romance is important in almost every relationship. But here the question is why? 

  • What makes you good?

    If we take a survey and asking people one question, "what makes you good?", their response will be different like

    . I don't cheat so I am good

    . I do't lie so that makes me good

    . I don't steal, so I am good

    If I ask the same question to you,  what will be