Success is a positive outcome of an action whether it is with the work you do, goal you want to achieve etc.
  • Negativity is one of the worst enemies

    No Negativity- No Problems

    Do you think if no problems left in this world than this world will be a better place to live in? There are many of us who feel so but imagine the world where no one having any complaints against anyone then no one will have any problems, or do you think



    "The best way to look at your struggle

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  • 5 hobbies that you can pick in this Covid situations

    In this Covid circumstance, being locked into a home must be very tough. This lifestyle can get boring, anyone can drain into depression, starting overthinking. 


    EXERCISE: Working out in the morning can refresh your psyche and it will be better for your immune system

  • 5 Secret tips to Ace yours ExAM

    5 Study tips that Can turn you into a Topper 


    1.  Know yours Study material
    2.  Cut
  • 5 Stocks to Buy Today: September 2021

    Each day our investigators examine the business sectors universe and picked the best force stocks to purchase today. The stocks are suggested from a more extensive rundown of force stocks and hands down the best ones come to the main 5 rundowns. We additionally update you on the exhibition of

  • 5 Way to happines

  • 6 smart tips you should follow while studying to boost performance


    How to study smartly?

    Use these 6 tips to boost your academic performance and make those marks reach sky high!


    1)Learn the same information in a variety of ways.

    2)Make you of your internet connection by using tools like YouTube for

  • A Dash of Humor: The Power of Laughter in Motivating Stories


    A little bit of humor can go a long way in life. It can brighten your day, make you more productive and even help you achieve your goals.

    In fact, a good sense of humor may be one of the most important traits you can have. And that’s why I’m excited to share this

  • Anyone can suggest me non clinical career options after bds ?????

    I am about to complete my bachelor of dental surgery. And i was wondering​ what to do... . May be i'll join a clinic to improve my working skills. And meanwhile, i would prefer to do​ any non clinical job. Please leave your views and opinions !!!!!!

  • Attempt Yoga for Back Agony Alleviation

    I've encountered soreness and solidness in my lower back for a considerable length of time. I've been to each sort of expert there is, yet am not fulfilled by the different findings I've gotten. The vast majority of the specialists simply needed to put me taking drugs and send me away, yet the


    Attitude is not too good thing.....

    But Attitude for self respect is not a bad thing...

  • Avoid nervousness in your first interview


  • Being Alone does not mean Being Lonely

    Man Sitting Alone in ParkHave you ever felt lonely?

    Do you remember the emotions and feelings associated with it?

    Awful and depressing! Wasn’t

  • Big diplomatic win for India at the world court as Kulbhushan Jhadav 's hanging stayed.

    The ICJ(International court of Justice)  late on Tuesday night ordered a stay on the hanging of Jhadav, sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court on charges of espionage. 

  • Bilawal Bhutto is a chip of the old block and destiny beckons him

    Pakistan in so many ways is similar to India. Like in India we have Rahul Gandhi who has been anointed as the leader of the Congress Party by virtue of being a Nehru -Gandhi descendant, similarly, Bilawal Bhutto has also been selected as a leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, by virtue of the

  • Britain elections

    It was an unexpected result favouring just one party where a coalition was thought to be on cards... What could possibly be the reasons. Also Narayana Murthy's son also won in some area by a big majority.

  • Clean and short Forum threads

    Would it not be good to lock a thread once it becomes old-say 6 months. It will avoid scam and lengthy forum topics..

  • Communism - Is it a failed ideology ?

    Communism has not worked in most countries especially in developed countries. It is still hanging on in some developing and under developed countries . Typically communist countries have poor living conditions , no innovative ideas and pressure from all sides . You rarely get to see a happy

  • Corporate Law v. Litigation

    How does corporate law as a career compare with litigation?

    In addition to deciding which area of law to pursue, this is another question that constantly puzzles law students.

    Many people are confused between these two areas because of what they hear from their