Thanjavur - Tamilnadu

Thanjavur is a place were many historical events are recorded. Thanjavur Big temple is a world famous temple.

Dindigul - TamilNadu

Dindigul is the nice place to see. The food item "Briyani" is fantastic.

Ooty is a most famous hill station in india. It is the queen of hill stations in india.

Kodaikanal is a is a most famous hill station in india. Best tourist spot.

Manapparai - TamilNadu

Its a nice place to see. It is famous for murukku and cow market.

Kutrallam is a most famous water fall city in tamilnadu. The water in the falls having some medicine qualities. Best tourist spot.

Mirjan Fort - Kumta, Karnataka

Please visit Mirjan fort once and also explore the natural beauty of North Canara.

Aurangabad ---city full of History

Aurangabad is a city in the state of Maharashtra. This City is name after the Mughal Emperor ,Aurangzeb. The Aurangzeb has made Aurangabad city as a base for his campaign in Maharashtra. Aurangabad city is famous for its historic value and is one...

Agra : The cradle of Architecture

Agra is a city located on the bank of river Yamuna.It is part of U.P (Uttar Pradesh). It is one of the renowned and popular tourist destinations of north india as it has got one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Taj Mahal).

Puducherry : A paradise

Puducherry is one of the union territories of India. It was a colony of the French government. Still the impact of the French can be seen in many parts of this town.This town is very clean when compared to other parts of india.The cost of living...

Elephanta caves

Architecture of the caves are buits between 650AD to 750AD. There 5-6 rock-cut temple in the Elephanta caves.

Chidambaram : City of Dance

Chidambaram is basically a pligrimage site where number of temples are located.It can called as city of dance.

Ellora Caves

It is Very Ancient Place of around 700AD.This Place look ammasing in rainy season.Can be seen in one day..Waterfall is mindblowing..must visit tourist spot.Monkey here are also point of attraction

Ajanta Caves

This is very ancient Place and a tourist spot...It has the sculptures and painting of Lord Buddha.This caves was built by cutting the rock

Nandi Hills (Nandi Gram)

This is a beautiful place to visit. Pls come and visit Nandi Hills once and explore the nature.

Delhi-The Capital city of India

The capital city of Delhi has many historical and social places to visit. It is also the seat for the Supreme Court(which is the highest judicial authority) and other government offices like the Parliament house, the Rashtrapati Bhawan, etc. The...

Coorg is a cool and pleasant retreat to all the people. It serves a wonderful picnic sport, offering a fantastic view of the Cauvery river.

Tirupati is a religious place with devotional songs being played at many places, especially in the upper Tirumala. The city is also a major place of learning as it houses a well-known university, which is the Sri Venkateshwara University

Dehradun also knowns as JEWEL OF THE SHIVALIK is headquater of Uttarchal and is famous hill -station. It is also a gateway to many scenic beauty spots like Mussoorie,Dhanaulti and Chakrata.The place is having many famous institution which add more...

Kumbakonam : A town of Temples

Kumbakonam is the best place to visit if someone plans to spend time on temples for 3 to 4 days.

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