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Thanjavur is a place were many historical events are recorded. Thanjavur Big temple is a world famous temple.

Dindigul is the nice place to see. The food item "Briyani" is fantastic.

Ooty is a most famous hill station in india. It is the queen of hill stations in india.

Kodaikanal is a is a most famous hill station in india. Best tourist spot.

Its a nice place to see. It is famous for murukku and cow market.

Kutrallam is a most famous water fall city in tamilnadu. The water in the falls having some medicine qualities. Best tourist spot.

Please visit Mirjan fort once and also explore the natural beauty of North Canara.

Aurangabad is a city in the state of Maharashtra. This City is name after the Mughal Emperor ,Aurangzeb. The Aurangzeb has made Aurangabad city as a base for his campaign in Maharashtra. Aurangabad city is famous for its historic value and is one...

Agra is a city located on the bank of river Yamuna.It is part of U.P (Uttar Pradesh). It is one of the renowned and popular tourist destinations of north india as it has got one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Taj Mahal).

Puducherry is one of the union territories of India. It was a colony of the French government. Still the impact of the French can be seen in many parts of this town.This town is very clean when compared to other parts of india.The cost of living...

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