Who don’t love comics? Children love it very much. It brings a lot of refreshment in life. It may be in form of drawings or in some text format. There are many comics’ books containing some characters. So it is humorous also. Some comics may be about politics or human interest or may contains an adventurous stories.

Form of comics:

Basically comics come in some drawing form with some characters and scenery. N other way we can call it cartoon. It may be hand drawn. Now it is famous in animation form also. It comes in series or sometimes a single piece of drawing can mean a great sense.

It is also animated in movie form to telecast in Doordarshan or movies. This is called cartoon animation and now it is very much popular among kids.
Some times it comes on newspaper of magazines in strips. It is published in series with in single or four or five square box. It includes some text also as dialogue. So if we open our daily news paper, we can take the test of some humorous comics. In market there are some renowned books also.

Now roots or origin:

It is assumed that the comics appeared first in 18th 0r in 19th centuries. It came in text form with some hand made drawings and with some balloon, which is a space where dialogues were written. So it is very old in age and through those cartoons we could get some social condition of that time. In Europe English cartoons were very much popular.

Comics in newspaper:

Even still now when we open the newspaper in the early morning, we get to see some comics or cartoon character in a specific position. This type of presentation started first in United States in the middle of 19th century. Some papers use it in weekly supplementary also. It is also a way to attract many readers and it is true that children like to read this comic strip.

“The yellow Kid” was the first American comic strip. Richard Outcault made this.

Comics in Book;

Now comics come in books also in different size of books in colors. It says a series of stories with some characters. Each page contains some panel where characters are drawn and dialogues are given along with it in such way that it means that those characters are saying the speech. It is very attractive to kids also.

Comics and comedian:

The dramatic presentation of comic is comedy. There are some people who make laugh telling some comics and jokes .it is also said comic entertainment or comedy. It is a presentation of the array of comic techniques.
Many times comedian himself writes the comic and in other way it is written by someone and presented by others.

Comics in India:

It is a popular culture and has a long tradition in India. There are many comics books in different languages. Some famous comic writers are Narayan Devnath, uncle Pai, Anupam Sinha etc. Some famous comic characters of India are Chacha Chaudhary, Commando dhruva Nagraj, Nonte Phonte, Shikari Shamvu etc. Batman and Spiderman are now famous in India also.

Comics and education:

Comic has a great role in education. It refreshes a students mind when they feel boring. There is nothing wrong in it. Many times we purchase many books to present our children in many occasions. As it is to much attractive so it may develop the concentration label of a student. Now there are many educational comic books in market, which helps specially kids to learn quickly.

There are some disadvantages also. Once if addicted then it will disturb the studies. Children many times think themselves as like cartoon character and may react such. This may be harmful.

So comics play a great role in our daily life. It learns to laugh. As we all know that laugh is a great medicine. In our busy life we have forgotten it. So comics bring a fresh air through laugh in life. Many times we travel by bus or taxi or by train. Then a comic’s book may be a good partner to pass the time.
Comic is an art: Comic is a great art with some inner meaning. Many creator produce it in different style and in different approach but after all it comes with a great entertain.

Computerized comics:

Computer changed our life. Now everything are digital. So presentation through computer, comic is also very much popular around the world. Now many software and tools are available to create comics. Many are taking it as a profession. So computer technology is helping this art to be more popular.

As profession:

Many do this as hobby but now a day many are taking as a profession. In the computer era many are involved with some newspaper or some magazines. Many are involved in Internet as there are many sites or blog relating to comics. Now all opens the net and find comics. So there is a large space to involve with this profession. In movie industry or in animation industry this is also popular. Many advertisement agencies use this art to get public attraction also.
So laugh and help others to laugh. I will finish it with a comic.

Once a rich man did a plan to earn some money. He announced if any would say a new lecture to him, he would give some reword. Otherwise the visitor had to give some money. Many came to him and tried some to him. After hearing, the rich man used to reply that it was old and he already heard. Then a boy came and wanted to say a new lecture. The rich man helped him to remember the rule. The boy said,” Do you know your father had borrowed some money from my father and did not pay.” Now the rich man got confused and could not say anything. If he said yes then he had to pay that money and if no then he had to pay the prize money.

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