Welcome to Boddunan - Information Creates Wealth.

What is Boddunan? Who runs Boddunan.com?

Boddunan.com is a host to all users who want to share their knowledge to the world. And a place where Information Creates Wealth. Boddunan.com is founded by a Hyderabad based software engineer Nagarjun. The site is running by well supported staff including R&D people and support staff for reviewing and approving the articles.

Depending on the future growth of the site and the employees’ growth opportunities this could change.

Do I have to pay any fees to join ?

All our services (posting articles, referring friends, commenting, reading and forums and lot many activities are present)are FREE and all Indian citizens are eligible to participate.

How much money I can make from this site?

This depends on how your quality of writing, referred friends, web-links submitted. Well this website is not a fast money making machine. The earnings depends on the hard work and time you spend on boddunan.com, boddunan is still small and growing. Only self-written articles are approved with good cash credit and points. We are very strict regarding copied content. Please check this link to see how much other members have earned: Earner’s list

How can I make money from this site?

The primary goal of boddunan is to help members to earn money from writing self-written, high quality articles, referrals, web-links.

There are 4 primary earning programs here:

  1. Earn Cash Credits directly from posting self-written articles. Please see this link for more details: Post articles and earn money
    Post articles and earn money
  2. Earn cash prizes and credits from us through various competitions always going on (like Best Forum Supporter of the Week, Creative Poll of the Week, Daily Contests, Group Discussion Contests etc.)

What are Cash Credits ?

Cash Credits are the money we add to your Boddunan account. This money will be paid to you when it reaches a minimum amount. You receive Cash credit for articles, referrals, weblinks and Awards.

How do Boddunan makes the payments to members?

When a member earns money from Boddunan, we give 'cash credits' to members. Cash credits are same as cash in real world, but the amount will be paid to members only when it reaches a minimum limit of Rs.1500.

When your cash credits reach the minimum threshold limit amount, we will then issue a cheque to you within 6 weeks from the date of payment generation. Rs.50 will be charged and deducted from your payment amount as processing and handling charges.

Important Note: Payments are released only to the active accounts. Any account without a single login in last 30 days would be treated as inactive and no payment will be generated for such accounts. User need to make the account active on or before 25th of a month to receive payment for that month.

Is there any expiry for cash credits?

Cash credits do not have any expiry for all active accounts. However cash credits of accounts inactive for more than a year will expire and in no case they will be recovered.

Can I copy content from other websites/blog?

Copying content from any other sources (including other websites, books etc) is not allowed. They will be eventually deleted.

Is "Points" same as money?

No, the points are different than money. The cash credit rewarded is the money you get for that article. Points are the way your article adds importance to the community with the maximum coverage of the topic and well defined format of explaining the topic. Please check the points that you get apart from articles:

Points System on Boddunan

Which language I use to write?

We currently accept articles written in English only.

Who verifies/approves the content posted in Boddunan?

We have editors who review each and every piece of article posted on Boddunan. Every article will be reviewed within 1-2 days. All referrals are verified using the mac address and any earnings from such referrals will be reverted during the payment process, so please don’t waste your time in making fake referrals, on doing so you may lose your account

How do I trust boddunan.com and do you really pay us the money you promised?

Simply post a question in the forums and ask other members whether anyone got paid so far. Or please see the below pages:

Recent Payments

Earners list

How to join and start making money ?

Here are the steps to participate in Boddunan:

  1. Register as a member on Boddunan.
  2. Introduce yourself in our forum section. You will get a warm welcome from the active community members.
  3. Post articles get some referrals and do participate on other sections of your interest.
  4. Actively participate in forums.

If I have any questions, who should I contact?

Simply post it in the Forum section. We will answer your question as soon as possible. If you have any technical Problem then please contact us through the “Contact Us” link in the left panel.

Why my Article was rejected?

Articles are reviewed by Editors manually and every article is approved when it follows the guidelines:
Article Guidelines

How to get maximum Cash credit??

You can get maximum cash when your articles have:

  1. Detailed information on the topic
  2. Presentation
  3. Proper explanation
  4. Proper English Grammar
  5. Proper Title keywords that search engine understands better
  6. Use of images
  7. Self-written


Forum Section

Please click on the section to view the guidelines.

How do I get paid?

You will be paid through cheque once reached the minimum payment threshold (currently it is Rs.1500). Make sure you have filled Payment Profile under Dashboard section. Payments will be usually generated on last day of every month. If you are an active member on forums you may request early payment as well.