What is Multimedia?

... Any art format, which can be seen or head by us.Those formats are text, art, photo, 2d animation, 3d animation, video ,sound and interactivity content forms.

What is a medium?

How can we express our thoughts or feelings to our neighbours? We can express our feelings through a medium like speaking, singing, music, writing, painting or with making a video and more. Our communicating media when they are recorded, called by us as multimedia.

Multimedia is a huge sector. It is a very large industry now. Movies, music albums, books, illustrations, animated ads and many more ... Come under the name of multimedia. Multimedia is a very big employment sector. Multimedia is a primarily creative field. Training in multimedia technics is a main-stream business throughout the world.


Text is the primary medium in the print sector. There are so many popular text editing softwares in the field. Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesin, QqurkXPress are the most popular among them. These are the main softwares used for designing books, magazines, news papers, flyers, brochures, etc.

Image editing software

Adobe Photoshop is the world's most popular photo-editing software. This is the most-used program in the multimedia sector. This software is used very much in digital art also. For any multimedia branch except sound editing, using Photoshop is a must.


Animation means continuous movement of drawn images. We have three dimensions in the real world. Those are length, breadth and height.However, images and drawings are two dimensional. Adobe Flash is the most-used software in 2d animation industry. Autodesk Maya is the professional 3d animation software. Animators can create three dimensional virtual world in this program.

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere, The Avid, Final Cut Pro are the professional softwares used in video(movie) editing. Adobe After Effects and Autodesk Combustion are the mainly used video compositing softwares in the world.

Sound Editing softwares

Protools is the audio editing software used by professional studios.

Multimedia is a creative field. Multimedia is the destination for many artistic people. This sector has huge opportunities. Any person with creativity, passion, hard work and regular practice can do wonders in this great field.

Image source: wikipeda

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