After construction of a home, most expenditure of maintenance occurs for plumbing. Leaking taps - it’s really a head ache. Though 5 or 10 year guaranteed taps bring solution to such problems, it is not at all a permanent one. It is not all practicable for a normal man to change his taps frequently. So, it is better to buy high quality taps at high cost rather than changing them frequently.


It is most important in kitchen

There are different types of taps for your kitchen. Though they are used for washing purposes, nowadays everyone is looking for its beauty and style too, so that they can decorate their kitchen in a better way. They are mainly available in two types – stainless steel and chromium plated. Branded taps are normally made of stainless steel. If chlorine contained water frequently flows through the pipe, it may change its colour – that’s the defect of chromium plated taps. Both chromium and stainless steel taps are available in glossy finished and mat finished types.

By the method which taps are mounted, it can be classified into two types – wall mounded taps fixed on walls and counter tap moulds that can be fixed on counters. Wall mounted taps are convenient for fixing and that’s the reason why most plumbers opt for such taps. Also leaking is most common for counter mould taps, which may need a lot of maintenance later. Now quality taps are available from 1000 rupees onwards and imported taps, from rupees 5000.

Great revolution in shapes

pipes2In shapes and user convenience, great reformations are still going on in taps everyday. Two-way taps used for getting both cold and hot water are drawing much attention nowadays. It is also possible to mix both cold water and hot water in the case of two-way taps. Price starts from rupees 2500 onwards.Long necked ‘swan necked taps’ are getting popular nowadays. It is very convenient to use these taps, particularly in kitchen. Things can be easily washed placing beneath, making it everyone’s favourite. There are different types of swan necked taps available nowadays. Water flow can be controlled with a switch in the case of a swan necked taps. Pull out swan necked taps can be placed in kitchen to wash vegetables and counter tops. They can be pulled out as you desire and are available around 3500-4000 rupees. Turning round to any desired direction – such swan necked taps are most useful in kitchen.Now functioning of taps have also seen many reformations. New trend is quarter-turn taps that can be turned 90 degrees. Now some taps are made with the same material used for sink. Granite, quartz and ceramic taps fall under this category.

A special tap for your wash basin

Design experiments are most done in wash basin taps. In addition to stainless steel, taps are available in glass, porcelain and quartz also. A wide range of varieties are also available.

Sensor taps are the latest trend. No need to open the taps. Just place your hands beneath it, the tap will sensor it and gives you water.

Now taps with foaming type water flow are mostly used in kitchens and dining halls. It gives a foaming effect of a lovely stream while washing. It reduces water consumption also. Another tap with slight variation is also available. Here, water combines with air to give more foaming effect. But water should be free of particles to freely flow through the filter placed inside the tap. Otherwise its water flow will be reduced.

Bathroom taps are now a part of shower cubicle. Two –way taps and taps with hand shower are also available. 

Plastic taps

While talking about taps, plastic taps can’t be exempted. When stainless steel taps are available from 500 rupees onwards, plastic taps are available from rupees 40 onwards. Engineering taps (also known as ABS) and pipes made using cement are not far away from good quality. Plastic taps are available in wide range of colours and its repairing and maintenance are quite easy.

While selecting taps for your home


Tap fittings should be given proper care while constructing a new home. Otherwise it may invite a lot of repairing costs later. Taps of wide types and qualities are readily available in market now. So, purchase them according to your uses. Seeing low prices, never opt for low quality taps, as in future those taps are going to give you a lot of unwanted costs freely. So, let me give a few tips in a snapshot while buying taps for your new home.

  • Brass taps plated with chromium are best for our health. Avoid chromium taps coated in white metal because white metal may dissolve in water producing a poisonous substance.
  • Taps can be categorized into three types by the way knobs are to be turned for operating. Full turn taps, half turn taps and quarter turn taps are those three types. Quarter turn taps are more convenient for frequent use. You just need to strike its knob gently to open it.
  • Wall mounted taps are more safe for kitchen. But if you have placed double sink in your kitchen, floor mounted taps is best that can be turned towards either sinks while washing.
  • Mixed taps can be placed in kitchen. But such taps are placed in kitchens only if it is a cold region.
  • Sink taps with pullouts are also good for kitchen. A hose similar to a spring is found inside the tap. If your sink is big, you can pullout the hose as you desire.
  • Mixed taps can be used in bathrooms. If you don’t want mixed water in wash basin use a single tap. Tap near the closet can also be made two-way. You can also make use of it to collect water or in health foset.
  • Two way sink taps are ready available in markets. To collect water from water purifier and to use water for sinks, these taps can be used.
  • Spout length taps are best for use. If you use such taps, your hands or washing things won’t touch the wall behind the pipe. Such taps should be selected for bathrooms also.
  • Foam flow taps are the best which reduces water consumption a lot. It prevents from wetting of surrounding areas also. Though particles in the filter can be cleaned regularly for free flow, it may get complaint easily. So, while buying foam flow taps, choose best quality ones.
  • Leakage after closing of taps – it is the common problem of every tap. Buy good company products to avoid such problems. You will get guarantee up to 7 years also.
  • If water has salt or chlorine content, chromium plated taps may fade in colour gradually. Never use detergents to clean your taps. Use only mild soap and water to resist the fading up to some extend.
  • If aerators of taps are not of good quality, taps may rust easily. So, ensure that good quality steel aerators are used for your taps, before buying them.

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