There have been technological changes in all places-except the bathroom. In a usual bathroom the only thing you can find is a pot and a shower. But these days there are many gadgets available in the market which can make your bathroom high tech. In this article I will talk about a few such gadgets which can make your bathroom awesome.

Water proof TV

The approximate price of this TV is 55,000/-. This TV can be ordered and shipped from the web. This TV has a crystal mirrored finish. It is a water proof LED TV which can be fitted on the wall of your TV. The screen of this TV is HD, LED. The resolution of this TV is 1920 x 1080 pixels. This is a fully water proof TV. It has a USB port also. It has built in speakers and waterproof remote control. It comes with a lid that you can close the screen with when the TV is not in use.

Glow in the dark lamp

This glow in the dark lamp gives off light in the dark which you can use to find your way in the bathroom. It emanates a green colored light and works without electricity. This lamp costs 466/- rupees and can be ordered from the web. You will have to pay the shipping charges extra.

Sensor mirror

This is a beautiful white colored sensor mirror. As soon as you stand in front  of this mirror it gives off white light. The light it gives off is similar to sunlight. When you stand in front of the mirror, it is like facing soft sunlight. This sensor mirror is cordless and can be charged with a USB cord and adapter. You can magnify your image in this mirror. It costs 11,880/- rupees and can be ordered from the web. The shipping charge is extra.

Samsung body scale 4

This is a weighing machine that can be placed in your bathroom. But this is no simple weighing machine. It is an electronic machine that keeps track of your every weight so that you can compare the figures. It can even suggest what diet and exercise you should follow based on your current weight. It can store data of 4 different users. This machine costs 4,699 rupees and can be ordered from the Samsung website.

Kohler's mixie shower head

Music lover? obviously you cannot take your phone in the shower as it is not waterproof. So what do you do? Get a Kohler's mixie shower head. It is a musical shower head that comes with wireless speakers. This can be paired up with your smartphone or tablet. The wireless speaker can function upto a distance of 32 feet. The speaker is made up of silicon. The speakers can be detached from the shower head and placed anymore. They support Bluetooth. The sound quality is great. The playing time is up to 7 hours after which you have to charge the speakers. The cost is 9,995/- rupees. It is available at any Kohler's retail outlet.

Water pebble

Do you want to know how much water you use when you take a bath? get the water pebble. It will tell you how much water you have used per bath. This has been designed in the UK. It was designed to monitor your water usage. A handy device, it costs rupees 600/- only. You can get it from the web. Shipping charges extra.

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