Our understanding of Biochemistry has, had and will have extensive effects on many human endeavour. Biochemistry is a subject which is  fascinating body of knowledge. Giving examples as how single molecule of DNA replicates to generate two identical copies of itself and how sequence of bases in DNA molecule determinessequence of amino acids in encoded proteins. Moreover we can understand essential life processes such as transmission of hereditery diseases, chemical structures and their reactions has significant physiological implictions. What biochemistry means to human, why we differ from Chimpanzee, mice, deers; is possibly answered by  Biochemistry.

Biochemistry is greatly influencing medicine and other fields. The molecular lesious causing sickle cell anemia, cystic fivbrosis, hemaphilia and many other genetic diseases have been answered at biochemical level.

Biochemistry makes possible rational design of new drugs, inhibitor enzymes required for replication of viruses such as HIV. Genetically engineered bacteria or other organisms can be used as factories to produce proteins as insulin ans stimulators of blood cell development. Biochemistry  is contributing in clinical diagnostic e.g. elevated lelvel o 'tell tale' enzyme in blood answers whether body had recent heart attact. DNA and their inherit disorder can also be studied and cured by Biochemistry. Also agriculture is benefied by discovery of more safer and effective horbicides , peticides, more effective genetically evolved plants, more insect resistant medicamos, etc.

Biochemistry is also answers most exiting answers of medicines. How a fertilized egg gives rise to cells as different in muscle, brain and liver ? How do senses work ? How are mental disorder or Alziemer caused ? How imune system works ? Such questions will be answered by biochemistry.

Thus, the study of biochemistry in comination with other subjects like biophysics, immunoligy, physiology, cell biology, bio molecules, genetics, instrumentation, human biochemical and metabolic processes can help in solving many unsolved mysteries of human, animals and plant bodies in nearer future.

The students opting for biochemistry at their Bachelor level can make their carreer in vrious progressive fields. They can do masters in subjects as :

  1. BIochemistry
  2. Biotechnology
  3. Clinical Researcher
  4. Human Physiology
  5. Forensic Science
  6. Food & Agriculture Industries
  7. Genetic Engineering
  8. Plant Biochemistry
  9. Disease Research
  10. Medical Science etc.

Various companies all over the world are spending thousands of dollars for research work in Biochemistry and respective fields.

According to the informations available there is a great demand for research workers in this area. About 30,000 of young scientists will be required by Reliance Research Industries in India and around 10 lac in world by 2012. For the next 30 years this field is believed to be gold.

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