As there are many stages in life so life can be divided into several stages. Adolescent period is one of them. It comes after childhood. It is very significant period of our life. It has different characteristics of its own and the movement of life depends greatly on it. The period can be regarded as the most complex stage of our life.

Characteristics of adolescent period

It is generally said that the youthful stage is in want of wisdom. It lacks experience and makes a boy fickle without having consistency and rigidity of life. The boys and girls of this stage often do something thoughtlessly. So they are often ridiculed and criticized by the elders. On the contrary the adolescents also try sometimes to criticize the experienced, cautious, thoughtful, grey-haired people by saying that they have lost their physical and mental strength to do anything like them.

Advantage of adolescent period

But such a stage is a stage of strength also. The boys and girls are always very eager and energetic to have something. So they always struggle and take risks. They do not know what fear is. They even do not feel hesitate to sacrifice their own lives. So, we can find the patriots who had dedicated their lives to save their motherland even in their early age. Though they do not want to shape their activities according to the pattern laid down by their elders, they dream of a new kind of life of their own, so if one was to obey the instructions of the elders, life would indeed be a dismal affair. Most of youth move for his/her greediness. But they must acquire the virtue of conquering them. 

Disadvantage of adolescent period

Sometimes it is said that youth and old age are in fact a matter of one’s attitude towards life. A youth may lead his life like an old man. Again an old man can also lead his life like a youth. In some cases it is right. But it is exceptional. In most cases, people behave naturally according to their respective age for each and every stage has its own features. In case of Pundit Nehru it is notable. He was more active, sincere, energetic and spirited even at the age of sixty. Mahatma Gandhi was also a man of this kind. 


Ultimately we are to sum up that the world is for the youth. This period can simply change the shape of the world through their valiant deeds. They never present themselves as grumblers and burdens on society. They appear as a symbol of absolute novelty. They bring strength in their hearts to make the society colourful and carry iron-determination in their minds to sacrifice their valuable lives to do something good and favourable for the society. 


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