As we have already said, we read in different ways depanding on the purpose for which we are reading a text. Let us look a few type of reading.

Skimming :- Let's say that you are a student of Management ; and as suggested by your professor , you need to buy a reference text book on Investment Management or you need to buy  a reference  text book on Investment Management or you need to write a paper on computer Graphocs. You go to a book store  and see a rack full  of books, with the same title, but different authors. You don't have time to read the pages before decideing on buying the book. Hence, you quickly go through the contents, title page and the blurb (it is a slang meaning, a short piece  of writing that praises and promotes something, especially a paragraph on the cover of a book). By now , you have decided  to buy  one book. The type of reading that you did in the bookstall is skimming . Thus skimming means , Looking quickly over a text / book to get a general superficial idea of the content.

Match these business publications to the extracts below:

1. A text book on modern management

2.Atravel guide for businessmen

3. A company's monthly newsletter

4. A computer software manual

5. A company's annual report

6. a. Aleading business daily


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