Director : Brett Ratner
Cast : Edward Norton, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Fiennes, Harvey Keitel

I am a huge fan of 'The Silence Of The Lambs' and its immortal characters. So the attempts made to replicate the magic of that movie always fail to impress me. Except this one. The tagline of the movie is 'Meet Hannibal Lecter For The First Time'. Clearly it suggests that it is a prequel to Silence. This movie introduces us to the officer who actually caught Lecter - that being the character played by Norton. This movie also introduces another manipulative, violent and cold killer who is in control of a Chinese myth called Red Dragon which makes him kill families every full moon. Norton along with the 'supposed' help of Lecter try to catch the killer, but does he succeed? - Is the movie.

Hopkins is his usual self playing the cannibal Dr Lecter with the coldest of expressions
penetrating the mind of Norton and even the audiences.
Norton plays his role very subtly and actually underplays brilliantly. Maybe this was needed in between all the Psychosis.
I was much impressed with the killer played by Ralph Fiennes who discovers his human side and love for a blind woman even though he is in control of the Chinese Red Dragon.
Overall, not equal to Silence, but will surely give you some thrills.

Rating : 8/10

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