Till now I didn’t even think that clay animation was such a beautiful medium to describe poignant stories. Mary and Max is a satisfying story of a profound friendship between an eight year old girl from Australia and an old obese man in his late 40s from Newyork through letters.

It is dark and murky but it had elements of humor and misfortunes all over it. And this one is from Australia and obviously an underrated gem in animation. This clay animation if not child’s play because it can produce fine nuance of peoples as well as animals facial expression and body mannerism with very effectiveness and also high quality animation. Story has been narrated as their life’s and others life surrounding them through letters. In movie humor is sometimes ironic and dark. Not only letters but they exchange their emotions, doubts, questions and some gifts often. Both of them endure solitude and those letters became their only hopes and inspiration. Well developed animation which even keeps eye on not so important pet animal’s expressions and their behavior. Also one of the most haunting bgm ever makes this movie a different experience but an upset mood. Mary and Max are two poles apart in many things but the loneliness thing attach them together and thus both of them value each other very much. Their age might be different and contrast but towards the climax you witness that in real friendship only love towards each others only matters.

Till watching this Up was my favorite animated movie of recent times. Director Adam Elliot sounds Greek to me but still I adore him for creating such a beautiful motion picture.

My Rating : 8.5/10

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