Lethal Weapon 2

First part seemed dumb while watching this.....
this is what i expected this series to be.....
nice action with humorous dialogues and high on entertainment.....

House MD

season 1

I was not really into watching TV shows prior to watching this show....now m totally into it...

i read pretty interesting
reviews to the show when i was downloading it....i din like scrubs or grey anatomy....so was not  expecting much from this show....but o boy ....this came out to be a treat...fantastic witty humor combined with real interesting medical challenges....one of the best shows i have ever come across....brilliant cast....dr house is faking brilliant


The Collector

Who is the collector and wtf was he collecting i am still not sure about it
seems like he is more obsessed with setting traps than collecting as the whole movie we get to c numerous amount of traps in the whole house which would have taken months to set....add to it a dumb plot...and bad direction.....
but barring all these its still watchable once to kill time

moon (2009)

wow .....it was nothing less than astounding....amazing sci-fi.....it get a little confusing in the middle...but everything made sense after a while....

beautiful cinematography....stunning visuals....n real interesting story...real fresh script..
bg sound was subtle yet profound.....Sam Rockwell did a terrific job ...its one the real nice sci-fi's ....



Watching My Name is Khan in the theaters was a real treat. The
songs and locations were just wonderful. The story is about Rizvan 'Khan' who is suffering from autism who goes on a journey to meet the president of America. The script was superb. And acting, SRK once again proves he is the real badshah of bollywood, what an acting and Kajol, wow she looked gorgeous and her acting was also good. Coming to the songs Shankar Ehsaan Loy has struck the chord right in this one. The song 'Tere Naina' was pleasing to hear. It also had some good jokes by SRK. I also felt that there was a little amount of 'Forrest Gump' in it.The movie had its heart in the right place and one of Karan Johar's best. And yes one of SRK's best. This is a great bollywood movie. A must watch! Highly recommended!


Just Maat Maatalli (2010) Kannada

Comedy | Romance | Drama
A Decent Romantic Movie But It Didn't Impress Me
Sudeep, He Is Not A Good Director, But Good Actor!
His Physical Appearance And Costumes Were Worst!
Its A Opening Week Of This Movie But Already Theatre Is Empty
Title Song Is Good, 1 Time Watch Is Far Enough!!

The departed..

Great remake to the internal affairs..

dicaprio was awesome

matt demon played his part superbly....
but the real star for me in this movie was jack Nicholson the legend...

nice movie if ur into slow paced crime thrillers...


The Time Traveler's Wife (2009)

Romance | Drama | Fantasy
Great Movie, Beautiful Romantic Drama, I Loved It
But I Didn't Understand The Purpose Of His Travel
This Movie Is Novel Adopted One, Nicely Done!
The Concept Is Not New, We Saw It In "Back To The Future" & Others
But Its A Complete Romantic Movie Not An Adventurous
Recommended A Must Watch If You Love Romantic Flicks
Finally Don't Think Its A Most Emotional One!!

meet the parents (2000)
well its a nice movie..doesn’t bore u....its not an out to out comedy flick but it has its heart at the right place....
and god dam david dhawan has copied sum straight scenes from this one for mujhse shadi karogi...he even copied the way the scenes were directed and even the actor`s facial expressions...
and about the movie...it’s definitely a one time watch...watch it for de nitro and stiller....


The biopic of the great tramp.....the real man behind one of the greats of World Cinema. Famous though he is, giving a new dimension to movie-making, a creative genius at his best, his personal life was troubled and.....controversial.

The movie portrays his life starting as a vaudeville actor and reaching America and subsequent rise to stardom. From the scene he was left at the orphanage(which latter inspired him to make " The Kid") to the moment he receives the Honorary Oscar.......everything is beautifully done. The backgrounds of his masterpieces are also shown.......In summary, a treat for a Chaplin fan.

Robert Downey Jr. acted really well as the legend.......his eyes were very expressive......captures the emotions wonderfully.

The movie expresses the things "The Tramp" wanted to say........but the magic is missing somewhat.....may be that's the tragedy with reality. Kudos to Richard Attenborough though, for this wonderful

But in words of Chaplin, "If you want to understand me, watch my movies." and in one of the scenes when Chaplin is devastated by the news of death of a friend ,he is asked " What'll we do Charlie?"......"Smile", says the legend.

(●REC) (2007) Spanish

Horror | Thriller

Wow, I Never Expected This Much, Its A Fantastic One
Story Is About A TV Reporter Who Covers The Video Of Firemen's Rescue Mission
Sometimes It Made Me To Scare,.. Late Night Is The Best Time To Watch
Making Is Something Like "Paranormal Activity" And Better Than That
Now Am Curious About Its Next Installment [●REC]²
I Highly Recommend To Who Have Not Watched Yet

Couples Retreat (2009) Hollywood

Comedy | Romance
Such A Waste Of Valuable Time,
They Mentioned Its A Comedy Flick But Its Hard To Laugh
ARR's Audio Tracks Are Good But Background Score Wasn't Impressive
Story Is About 4 Couples Goes Island Resort To Have Fun
There is No Regular Hollywood Stuffs In It, You May Hate After Saw
Just Watch At Once And Forget What You Have Saw

In the mouth of madness

Decent plot but badly executed.....
narration is too slow to induce any interest.....
overall just an average movie......

New York, I Love You (2009) Hollywood

Romance | Drama

I Loved It Lot, Even I Loved "Paris, I Love You" Too
Same As "Paris, I Love You" It Also Has Multiple Story
Each Story Contain Different Cast And Directed By Different Directors
Some Stories Are Very Touchy And Emotional...
The Movie Tells The Story Of New Yorkers Life
You May Don't Like It But At Least You Get Satisfaction
So I Recommend It Strongly To All...
And Finally I Am Very Curious About "Shanghai, I Love You"


Complex movie......
starts off well but slowly starts to get more n more complicated and dull.......
same scenes repeat again n again and in the end i felt the movie made no sense at all....
watch it if u like brain twisting movies like memento, groundhog day etc...

Van Wilder

Expected more of kal penn in this but was in for disappointment.....
only few comedy scenes were good.....
otherwise, found it hard to complete it without forwarding.....

The Stepfather (2009) Hollywood


Not That Good, Everything Stands On Ending Of This Movie
Last 15 Minutes Are Fast Paced With Thriller
Rest Is Stretched Drama From Little To Long
This Is Not Perfect Piece For Thriller Lovers
And Its A Remake Of Old Flick Of Same Name
Just One Time Watch Is Not Bad!

The Graduate (1967)

wow....what a perfect movie for a weekend..........enjoyed every bit of it.......
outclass performance by Dustin Hoffman.....his charisma is just so unique and wonderful...
direction was top-notch.........it’s a classic in a true sense.......a full time entertainer....

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