Director:William Friedkin
Cast:Gene Hackman,Roy Scheider

Plot: Curiosity of two NYPD detectives leading to an accidental discovery of an international drug deal.

Review: A beautifully carved piece of the early 70s.A great tension boiler.Few suspense movies have been able to craft its way to glory the wat The French Connection did.A perfect backdrop where an inquisitive cop allied by his partner discovers a major drug deal and try solve the mystery with little or no support from the department. If you guys want some real thriller,and not the loud no-substance stylish impossible modern day films,kindly watch this.Scheider was absolutely marvellous as the supporting guy.Gene Hackman gave a performance of my life.But my best discovery was Gene Hackman as an actor.

Well,lemme phrase it like this.I watched a Robert De Niro movie with Gene Hackman being the De Niro here.I have watched dozens of Hackman movies before and have learnt to respect him as an actor,but never before have I felt that this guy is an absolute shadow of De Niro.NO I DNT MEAN HE COPIED DE NIRO STYLE as early as 1971.What I mean is this guy gave me every single feelings of an invisible Bob working in the film.

My rating : 8/10

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