Director : Frank Capra
Cast : Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert, Walter Connolly, Jameson Thomas, Roscoe Karns

Frank Capra is widely regarded as a revolutionary director and this movie constitutes substantially to this tag. 'It happened one Night' was the first movie of it's kind way back in the 30's where romantic comedies were yet to be born. This is considered as the first major romantic comedy in Hollywood history. Add to it, it was the first ever 'Screwball comedy' movie. Yup, this was actually a new genre invented by Capra. After reading some trivia about the movie, I came to know that the leads Gable and Colbert hated the script so much that they wanted to get over with the movie as soon as possible. Actually, the story of this movie is so simple that it can be explained in a paragraph. But the story-teller that Capra is, this simple story is converted into a very lovable and feel good rom-com which never ceases to amaze you. The movie is full of cliches such as a rich spoilt girl falling in love with a not so wealthy guy and the girl running away from her marriage once she realizes her true love etc etc. But one must also consider the time when this movie was made. Perhaps, this was the first bride runway from marriage scene of cinema history. This movie also influenced a lot of other artists and filmmakers. The cartoon Bugs Bunny is influenced by one of the characters from this movie. Bollywood influence being 'Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahi'.

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