One of the all time favourite on screen Bollywood couples are celebrating their birthday this week.  While Jayaprada born in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh celebrated her birthday on 3rd of April, Jeetendra's birthday falls four days later on 7th of April in Amritsar, Punjab

Though Jayaprada born in 1962 is 20 years younger to Jeetendra born in the year 1942 they probably made the best on screen couple of all time.  Other couples who came closing to matching the Jeetendra-Jayapradha pair was Jeetendra himself with Sridevi apart from Amitabh-Rekha though in subsequent years Sharukh Kajol, Anil Kapoor Madhuri pair and Akshya Katrina too became popular but none of these pairs never ever achieved the same level of popularity or success achieved by the Jeetendra-Jayapradha pair.  It is a wonderful co incidence that the pair who delivered hits in succession also were born in the same month of April. The late 80s was dominated by the pair of Jeetendra and Jayaprada who gave super hits like Tohfa, Pataal Bhairavi, Singhasan, Swarag Se Sunder, Majaal, Mawali, Sanjog, Sindhoor & Aulad.  The pair who shared a wonderful onscreen chemistry acted in 27 movies together, of which almost all movies released in 80s were huge super hits.  Apart from movies being huge super hits even the songs in which they were paired together were the most popular during those times and were repeatedly played on loundspeakers during festivals, functions or rallies.  The pair looked their best and were the most successful in family oriented movies and what made the pair so popular was the fact that both of them were very good dancers.  While it is a known fact that most heroines are very good dancers, heroes those days were not blessed with dancing skills and that is where "Jumping Jack" Jeetendra was an exception. While Jeetendra became famous for his white trousers and white shoes which has been copied by subsequent generations, the beautiful Jayapradha looked the best of the lot in gorgeous sarees. 

Let us wish the Jeetendra and Jayapradha, the favourite pair of millions who gave us memorable moments a very very Happy Birthday.



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