What is movie ? .. A film ? Movie is a continual play of some moving images on a screen. It may be a cinema or a video or a TV serial or a web video .. any motion picture is considered as a movie. A film is a shooted length originally on a celluloid film, like Kodak film . Generally people called cinemas as movies or films . Cinema came from the word ' kinema ' , means development. Well. .. How to make a movie? Movie making is a combination of three processes.

1. Pre production

2. Production

3. Post production

Pre production :

1. Script:Story is the base for a movie. A movie with a good story without better casting ,without technical excellence can be hit. Movie is visual medium . So..our story must be adapted as script.  Script preparation follows few steps.

1. Main point of the story

2. Story development

3 Story betterment

4. Story line order: Story breaks in some scenes.Generally cinemas have 70 or 80 scenes. Every scene was written in one or two lines.

5. Screen play:  How a scene will be visualized.

6. Dialogues

7. Shooting Script: breaks every scene into some shots .Preparing shooting order.

1. Budget estimation and preparation

2. Actors selections: This is crucial. Only actors will communicate the whole team efforts to the audience 

3. Technicians selections: Director, Cameraman, Music director, Art director, Makeup man, Costume designer, Manger..are the main crew.

4. locations selections: beautifull and suitable locations are essential.

5. Shedule planning : In how many shedules shooting will be done.

6. Preparations for shooting.

2. Production:   Nothing but shooting.Here the director is the key person. A reporter asked Alfred Hitchcock, who directed "psycho" . ' what is the progress of your new movie? 'Hitchcock said, ' completed .,just shooting is the balance. In his sense..preproduction is the key If the pre production is perfect , shooting is very easy.

3. Post production:

1. Editing:In shooting, every shot needs so many takes. Only one is well .remaining are waste. Shots were shooted in irregular order due to shooting convenience. In  editing , Editor and Director removes the wastage and put shots in order .

2. graphic work will be added.

3. dubbing:Experienced dubbing artistes give the voice to artistes' lip in a dubbing room without any noise.

4. Sound effects are added.

5. Re recording /background music is conducted by music director.

6. Voice and effects and music are leveled and mixed by sound engineer

7. Visual part and sound part will be  mixed

8.  Finally our out put movie is ready.


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