Movie :  Magadheera


Direction and screenplay: Rajmouli.


Music director: MM Keervani


Producer: Allu Arvind.


Starring: Ram Charan Teja, Kajal Agarwal, Srihari, Sunil, Brahmanandam and others.


Ram Charan s debut movie Chiruta proved that he is an actor .In this movie his performance improved and gave his best to fit the role. Sword fighting, horse riding, dancing by him are just extraordinary and can say as one of the few reasons for movie to be in hit list. For Charan definitely this movie is great opportunity to show his acting skills. For Telugu audience its time to welcome fresh face and new talent after long time.


What is it about:  This is a story of 16th centaury about Kala bhairava (Ram charan teja) who is the protector of Udayghad kingdom and princess Mitra (Kajal agarwal) who fell in love with him. Kala bhairava also loves Mitra but never express his love upon her, Randev a relative of Mitra develops lust over the princess. He tries to separate Bhairava and Mitra. Now the story comes to the present which is after 400 years when   all the above three characters are re born as Harsha (bhairava), a biker who has smooth life. There love also takes re birth on a rainy day when Harsha s hand touches with Indu, and Harsha feels there is something between them without seeing her. He tries to see her and love happens. Story from here takes a new twist same as what happens in history and Randev, Mitra s relative is also re born again as Indu s relative.


 good: This movie is best example of team work. It is not a one man show. Adventures like bike and horse riding,dance,technical part, graphics ,battle, background sound ….all other elements makes a movie a perfect example of team work and also gives a feel of watching not less then a Hollywood flick. Ram with his dance moves, voice and adventurous stunts proved to be capable of acting any kind of role, giving audience fresh feel.Kajol is looking much beautiful then her previous films with all royal costumes in previous birth and also girl next door image in other half of the movie.


bad : The guest appearance of Chiranjeevi is not required for the story. It could be an effort to make Chiranjeevi fans happy, seeing him after long time on screen. It could not reach the expectations of many fans. Music could be much better as music is one of main ingredient for a movie to be successful.


i think: If you want something new from tollywood, it is good to watch .  Entertainment is full, you won’t get bored. It is not great movie but some elements in movie are worth to watch like Charan s performance, some adventures.


Tailpiece: Like most of the Telugu movies, villain trying to separate hero and heroine magadheera s theme is also the same and it is a main theme of the movie.


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