Technology makes a lot of difference between a bollywood movie and hollywood movie. If the latest technology have not been backing a film like Avatar it would have been one of those rendering and blending done 10 to 12 years back..! The experience came just because of its truthful and effective use of technology.

Here comes the cost..! To get to the level of technology a huge cost has to be put up , may be millions of dollars. To setup a lab for such huge technological advancements needs a lot of investment...

In India , the movies are always to a particular set of people..and normally it reachs to the Indian community all over the world...and a small percentage of international community....But a hollywood movie is made for every community in the world...So if you look into that aspect..! the money that a hollywood movie puts up is accountable with respect to the number of people that is viewing the movie in different countries all over the world..

So Bollywood if they invest money to create a multimedia lab directly propotional to a hollywood lab..It means huge investment and the profit of the investment that comes back would be very very slow...they wouldn't ever get the money back in the first 10 years...

So bollywood is growing in the pace of the investment and viewership..hollywood also is growing also in the same pace..But the viewership matters....

Don't forget there are many crap movies in Hollywood too ( also the ones with real elephantine budget ). Its part of the business and it happens, whether its Bollywood or Hollywood. So no need of pointing out few hits and few flops. The comparison is of the Indian movies and the Hollywood movies. And if we compare them technology wise, none of the Indian movies stands in front of any Hollywood movies, be it Dhoom 1 & 2 or any else movie. . But if we compare it the way Bollywood movies are made of and what Indian fans love, they were the super-hits. So technology wise a big NO but very good if it comes to market in India.
India is a different market altogether . The comparison on the basis of storylines cant be made . We have superhits like DDLJ and Sholay with a typical indian touch to it whereas in the West , every Genre is potrayed in different ways . For example , the variety in romantic cinema can be seen in movies like Sweet November and Music and Lyrics .
abridged to the fact that what we make in Bollywood is just like 'go by trend' and just earn as much money you can, depreciating the fact that movies with much ingenious and original screenplay plus plot are real good. Films where critics impugning or acclaiming are much more sensible and near to brain and heart. Slum-dog millionaire was one of those films but received bad comments from some of the Bollywood celebs just because it showed a bit of reality. :|
.People who just know to criticise for all the unhealthy reason can take a back seat. Its a different thing altogether.Our filmstars make films for us.They work on projects which will appeal us,indians,more then anybody else in the world.

U people wont even know how many shitty movies release every week in hollywood which just go unheard.
arity of SRK, let me tell you my friend, people abroad know him as the Indian Superstar or even the King Khan of Bollywood. If he has an international reputation like that, there must be a very strong reason behind it. SRK movies played a very important role in taking Bollywood to international heights. No one can deny this fact.
And if you talk about his proclaimation of being the Badshah of Bollywood, then i would say he deserves it. It's not about boasting ones'self, but it's about the status. He never said he is superior to anyone, neither am i claiming that. But the thing is, he reached that status, that level with so much of hard work, so much of sacrifices. So, if he's up there today, he TOTALLY deserves it.
So if he proclaims HIMSELF to be the king or badshah after reaching that status, no one should get offended cuz he is talking about HIMSELF & that too when he has made his mark across the globe.
And you know the biggest quality of SRK which makes him a great human being is, his down-to-earth attitude.
in certain aspects hollywood excels nd in odah bollywood iz betterrr..
if talkin about technology,animation kinds moviez hollywood is way batter den bollywood cetainly...
buh if ya want to watch drama,ganna shanna nachnna,romance rona dhona....
dun fink derez even a single hollywood movie wich hv all dose signature bolly moviez tarka

And morover whats there in Hollywood - Sex,stunts,animations?
But on the same note, I disagree with your second half. Dude, Bollywood celebs are world famous and if you don't trust that, then go check Madame Tussauds museum and the various Internet polls for Indian celebs. Some Bollywood flicks earn more overseas then in India. And talking about Shahrukh, he proclaimed himself as King of Bollywood only, not the world. Bollywood actors are perfect in whatever role are given to them, and same is the case with Hollywood ones. The question here is about FILM INDUSTRY. Where Bollywood always lacks is the financial budget and rational thinking. Though few directors are making speedy recovery in the case of rationalism but still long way to go in case of Originality and financial stability.
Whatever one might say , Bollywood Rocks ! It might be growing on a slow pace but well we will reach tht spot ! As far as special effects goes , Money is a key factor . As for now , India has to invest money in matters more important than Special Effects !!

bollywood is and will get smaller in terms of budget...........specially when most most of the big budget films have been disasters at box office........while the small budget films are easily getting their cost covered up.......may be three or 4 films a year with biggest superstars will have a big budget but in the coming days majority of the films will be small budget films.......just opposite of hollywood.
Bollywood is no doubt copy cat,almost all films are copied from hollywood,infact the name "bollywood" itself is derived from hollywood.!!

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