Enemies at the gate...

Nice movie...

story of red army (2nd world war) win over German army..



``brilliant screenplay story telling part was just fabulous stirred with sum awesome humor of Dustin Hoffman! Deals with d conspiracy regarding d re-election of President Nixon n d mysterious involvement of DEEP THROAT! Do watch it guys n gals!


Bringing Down the house

Starring Steve Martin and Queen Latifah

a very funny movie!!!!!No surprise it was a big box office hit!!!!an nice family comedy ,movie!!!!!!


The Unborn

Almost every Hollywood horror movie is watchable. Same for this one. I get scared watching horror flicks, but I managed to go thru this one.

This movie will give u some insight about twins.

i rate 6.5/10

A beautiful Mind

Latest film that i watched is "A beautiful Mind"...

A mind blowing performance by Russell Crowe... He has actually depicted the life of Dr.Nash...

The film really rockssss.




This is not really a kind of movie u watch often. Yes its different but still not the best. The sets n the costume n the makeup is excellent n the lyrics r also awesome but the movie fails to impress. I wonder how it got the Oscar for best picture.



i am not a great fan off Daniel Craig but he has got some talent in him . A very good movie based upon ww2 and Jews in Belorussia. I would say if you have nothing to do just relax and watch the movie a nice flick.

My rating- 7.2/10


Genre: Horror

Plot: A skeptical ghost-story scripter makes his way to a hotel infamous for numerous unnatural deaths in a hotel.....only to be find himself in infernal danger.

Comments: More than a must watch...the real coming-of-age of otherwise frivolous horror movies filled with gore and blood. wanna chill down the spine??Watch it alone.....



kind of one time watch.

no beginning no ending.

pretty realistic movie.



I tell u the truth that I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the movie. Guys go for it,

I guarantee you that you'll thank me for reckoning this movie....

what a beautiful innocent romantic comedy movie. I must give it 10/10.


Yet another overrated picture.......I really don’t know what to write about this movie, cause i still don’t understand the theme.... can’t even figure whether the protagonists are gay......... anyways not as sickening as MILK....

Rating: 6 /10

October Sky"

It's a 1999 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal , Laura Darn and Chris Cooper

Simply awesome movie...based on a true story , the movie rocks

Rating 10/10

The Score

Cast: Robert De Niro,Edward Norton, Marlon Brando

Plot: A retiring thief is brought back into action for one last time.

Review: Very good plot. Well acted By De Niro...quite good for his post-2000 duds. Edward Norton was commendable. Marlon Brando was confined to a few scenes.....i guess he couldn’t complete the movie....Gritty and gripping movie....


Good Luck Chuck

You really need some good luck if you sit down to watch this movie. The movie has a preposterous story line and barring first few minutes it offers nothing to laugh at.

I will go with 3/10 and a thumbs down.


if you guys are aware of the situation of the deadly virus H1N1 also known as Swine Flu virus then you should watch the movie "Outbreak" (1995) starring Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr,Morgan Freeman, Rene Russo & Donald Sutherland, The movie starts of a deadly virus killing a whole village in Africa, which later spreads to a small town in America killing thousands people. The movie really shows how a virus spreads so quickly killing the subjects that is in contact with the host which is a monkey

i would rate the movie 9/10................... a really must watch movie for all

Full Metal Jacket

Very interesting especially first and the last half hour and has some great performances and incredible dialogues, but sometimes feels unstructured at some places wherein it falls short of greatness.

My rating- 8.5/10

Mulholland Dr

All i can say is Surreal! i have no words....no fragments left of the story in my mind....no thoughts to think....just the feel and the experience lingering in my mind!

U feel a form...not the outline of the form....but the form...shapeless in its own space! we just know its there...but cant see it or logically place it! if we try to strain our eyes to see it...it the feeling goes...and then comes back as we relax....we know we drank something but don't know when or what!.....just knowing satisfies us...not the taste not the color not the shape....------this is how i try to summarize Mulholland dr Def a must watch movie...i give it 9 out of 10!

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