Movie Preview : Most Awaited SRK'S - "RA. 1"

Hello Everyone! SRK's most awaited film in which he playing a SUPERHERO is out now. Just saw & wanted to share it with all.

All those wanting to know what SRK's next Ra1, here's the skinny. According to an insider, "The SFX laden superhero action film has Shah Rukh Khan playing a software engineer called Shekhar.A geek, his favourite past time is playing and designing video games. In fact, he's so obsessed that he ends up creating a monster character in one of his games who comes alive and starts killing people in real life.!Now Shekhar has to use technology to turn himself as a super hero and enter the video game world to battle the monster. Shekhar takes on the name of RA1."!The film will be based in Miami and Hollywood crew is being used for the film. Cinematography is by Ueli Steiger ("The Maiden Heist"), while David Benullo ("Shadow Man") is screenwriter.Kareena plays SRK's love interest in the film. The authorities have already given permission to the crew to shoot a major car chase scene sometime in March."

P.S : Waiting eagerly

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