Dr. Strangelove ( or How I stop worrying and love the bomb)

All I can say is that it's definitely an intelligent movie! yes.. intelligent coz its d only movie which ca make u laugh at the end of world! Stanley Kubrick is genius! He smartly interoperates d cold war situation and the further possible complications possible because of it. But the most interesting thing about it is that he does it in a very different way, a way that becomes funny and sarcastic and yeah definitely interesting..!

Peter Sellers is talented and I couldn't recognize him in 3 different roles! well my personal favorite was 'Manderek' !! Only thing that confuses me is d title of d movie.. What was d point of Kubrick to make 'Dr. Strangelove' a title..?!!

Any way.. all and all it's an intelligent movie, it’s a drink that you have never tested.. so go for it!


Quantum of Solace

Was this really a BOND movie? or just some low class script passed on as James Bond movie? Bond is a legend and there are something’s associated to him which differentiate between a normal thriller and a Bond movie.

>"Bond. James Bond" is not said a single time in the whole movie.
>James Bond signature theme is missing till the end credits.
>"Shaken, not stirred" dialogue....missing.
>Pathetic villain(compared to the previous deadly foes)
>Biggest complaint....the gun-shot and flowing blood which comes in first scene of every Bond movie..comes in the last scene.

So why exactly is this a "Bond" movie?
I don't know...only good thing is the action scenes...but if u want to see that....much better option is BOURNE Series.

rating :: 5/10

High Fidelity

This is a good one time watch flick.
John Cusack is very charming in his act but this is not serendipity.
But still the narration n the story is quite good.


Dead Poets' Society

Its a wonderful movie with amazing theme and starcast.
Robbie Williams had a great role in the movie.


The Station Agent
wow!!!that’s d reaction which i got after reading its story line in imdb!!!!after watching d movie, i wasn’t disappointed!!!!!such a brilliant and a unique story about a dwarf!!!!!!!!Really a slow but a brilliant attempt!!!!No wonder it collected 40 times its budget!!!!!!!i would rate,


Janarthan Balaji

Lethal Weapon
A very fine movie filled with great action and comedy scenes!!!!!
i would rate,


The departed

I saw it in my leisure time..and about to go for the class..but wow, i bunked an important lecture for this movie..Still I can’t believe it.

the introduction is very heavy like the climax. and dicaprio u always rock. d background score is superb.." I'm Shipping Up To Boston" i still unable to come out of the envi of the movie..Great movie,.."Jason Bourne" was superb...this movie is a source for several desi movies..

I give 10.1/10


It’s a movie with a dramatic story with the fantasy element added nicely to it. The smooth story telling with a little element of suspense really does wonder. This is a very good movie to watch.


Meet the Fokker’s

Well it was first time I watched Robert de Niro in a comic mood, and as always he stands out from the rest. He makes his character completely believable and never tries to act funny unlike Ben Stiller but is able to generate more laughs. Dustin Hoffman also provides some good laughs.
My Rating- 7.5/10


Cast: James McAvoy,Keira Knightly

Plot: A 13 yr old young girl accuses her elder sister's lover of s crime he didn’t commit...a story of unfulfilled love.

Review: There is a reason some people find European movies better than Hollywood's...its the depth. Less pace, lesser style but the feel remains all the way.....an epic masterpiece of 2007 based on a love story during WW2...a tale of resurrection, repentence & retrospection.........here is Atonement for you.

Rating: 9/10

Clerks II

..worked in parts for me.. somehow I really didnt enjoy the chracters. I expected to be through out hilarious, but it wasn't! Though I laughed at some particular scenes .. like comments about LOR vs. Star Wars.. ..and some other scenes, but all over it was an average for me!

P.S. I enjoyed this dir. Kevin Smith's 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno' more!


Haunting In Connecticut

it was a good movie overall...was a horror movie. Based on true story. You should watch it at least once.
I would give it


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