Hi friends in this article let us discuss about a Tamil film called "Love Today" which was released in 1977. As a matter of fact Joseph Vijay (also called as Ilaya Thalapathi) was the hero in this film and this turned out to be a great movie to Vijay. Really during those time, almost every individual in Tamil Nadu liked him very much, because he was so polite even in the movies and also performs well in his character. But unfortunately at present the trend is changing and his idea of becoming a mass hero has resulted in loss of his fan base. Some of his films released during those periods were very well and people also accepted it.

Coming back to this movie, Love today, this can rated as the movies which had a very different climax, yet a powerful one. Though the climax was not positive, the director made sure that the climax of the film is very touching. Hope all the Tamil cinema fans would have watched this movie, and for those who didn't get any chance to watch this movie, I believe the review will help you to know about the story of the film.



Story line:

This film was directed by a debutant director, Balasekaran, who also worked under the legendary director K.Balachandar. Balasekaran also directed some of the notable films like Thulli Thirindha Kalam, which also has a message and in 2007 he directed the film called Arya, starring R.Madhavan and Bavana.

"Love today" was released in the year 2007 and the leading star in this film includes Vijay, Suvalatshmi. Two veteran actors (who are no more), Raghuvaran and Rajan P. Dev ha s played a great role in this film as they were the father's of Vijay and Suvalatshmi respectively.Vijay played the character of Ganesh, while Suvalatshmi played the role of Sandhya.

Vijay's father, Raghuvaran( Dr.Chandrasekhar in this film), is a Government Doctor, whereas Rajan P. Dev( as Vasudevan in this film) is an arrogant police Inspector. Ganesh has finished his B.Sc graduate and he falls in love with Sandhya but he waits for more than 3 years to express his love to her. The main sources of comedy in this film were none other than Ganesh's friends and it includes Karan (Peter in this film) Sriman, the entertaining Thamu and others.

Ganesh's friends suggest hi different ideas to make Sandhya fall in love with him, but unfortunately all their plans fail. Peter also asks help with Mandhra, who was Sandhays close friend. Initially Mandhra was not interested in helping Ganesh, but later she accepts to help Ganesh after she understood that Ganesh was very sincere in his love. She also helps Ganesh in recording Sandya's voice, and Ganesh tamper this audio as such he and Sandhya were talking.

Even though Ganesh was very sincere in his love, Sandhya was very orthodox and she never like him and also love. Her only aim was to get a Gold medal in the college. At one instant Ganesh decides to propose his love to Sandhya, but it was very unfortunate for him, because Vasudevan came to that spot, when Ganesh gave the love letter to Sandhya. Then Vasudevan takes him to the police station and after knowing this Ganesh's father Chandrasekhar took effort to save him from the police.

Ganesh was very clear that Sandhya was very important in his life but at the same time he always has higher priority to his father, because Ganesh and his father behaved like a very good friends. Understanding the problem of his son, Chandrasekhar meets Vasudevan and expresses his desire to make Sandhya as his daughter- in- law. But as expected, Vasudevan humiliates him.

So Vasudevan decides to shift his family to Bangalore. Unable to find the whereabouts of Sandhya, Ganesh was very much worried and finally he got the information that Sandhya was in Bangalore. But unexpectedly, Sandhya's father dropped the plan of going to Bangalore after getting into the bus and returns home. But Ganesh who thought Sandhya was in Bangalore, decides to leave for Bangalore. While he was travelling in a bus to Bangalore, he also sees a lot of crowd gathered in the road, trying to save an injured man who met with an accident.

But it is unfortunate for him, because he never realizes that the person who met with the accident was none other than his father. He travels to Bangalore and the director made sure the film moves very interestingly as he made sure that Ganesh failed to watch the death poster of his father, which was pasted in all Bangalore – Chennai bus. Meanwhile in Chennai, the death of Ganesh's father made Ganesh's friend very much worried and adding to their sorrow Ganesh was also not there to do the final rites to his father. This is really a touching scene, because this expresses the fate of a son, who was not able to do his final rites to his father.

When Ganesh returned to Chennai, he managed to see the death poster in the auto which he came and after seeing this, he just threw his entire luggage to his house. This is really one of the best scenes in the film and hats off to Vijay for his great natural performance. When he reaches his house, he learnt that his friend did the last rites for his father and he just felt as if he was alone in this world.

But the film doesn’t stop here. This film is well known for his different climax and in climax, Sandhya, to everybody's surprised proposed the love to Ganesh. But Ganesh was very clear that his father's death has taught him a lesson and also felt that his love was also indirectly responsible for his father's death. He decides to make the dream of his father, to get a good job, come true, rather than making his dream alive. This is the best part of the movie and shows how a son has a great love and affection towards his father and just threw away his love for his father.
This is a great movie and worth watching.

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