Runtime - 144 mins
Starring - Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen & Judi Dench
Music by - David Arnold
Written by - Neal Purvis & Robert Wade
Directed by - Martin Campbell

Easily one of the best bond films made. Though I'm not a big fan of James Bond movies, this one was way better than any of the Bond films Pierce Brosnan starred in (I've not seen Sean Connery or others bond films). The film puts story & performances above the advanced gadgets tht you usually see in Bond films. More sophistication, More realism & More depth.. makes it worth watching.

Daniel Craig, considered an unpopular choice as Bond & everyone doubting his potential n worthiness, just nailed & shut everyone with his performance in this film. He is the truest n finest interpretation of James Bond till now. From the prologue scene to the famous Bond line i.e. My name is Bond, James Bond, Craig was really good, better than Pierce Brosnan anyday who was just style n no substance.

There are some really cool scenes in this film. The prologue, the free-run chase sequence, the airport scene, the car flip n above all, the poker game... this was a Bond treat... with every scene making sense. The way Daniel Craig showed the improvement of James Bond throughout the film was really well-done. The supporting cast werent much great but were just fine.

The ones who are in love with Bond films more for the gadgets might be in for a disappointment. This is more of a character & dialogue driven film, not gadget driven. Another good thing bout this film is tht it remains completely faithful to Ian Fleming's novel. Casino Royale is a complete reboot of the James Bond franchise showing Bond's first assignment & how he got his 00 status. If you want a Bond film with a logical story, then this doesnt disappoint. Go for It.

Daniel Craig IS the Bond, James Bond.

Rating - 7.5/10

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