We keep ourselves busy and stressed out all the time. Instead of enjoying and appreciating every moment of life, we feel anxious about it. Uncertainties add to the pressure. In such moments, we need to calm ourselves. Calming oneself does not mean that we need to indulge in caffeine, alcoholic drinks, social media or television. Calming should take place naturally. For this, we need to develop a habit of calming ourselves naturally. This habit is known as mindfulness which will help us to enjoy every second of our lives.


Mindfulness teaches us to shift the focus from future to present. Either we dwell in the past or think about the future. Thus, we forget to appreciate the present that is gifted to us. Mindfulness teaches us to focus on the present moment without being judgmental about anything. Most of us have forgotten what happiness is and try to search it in worldly achievements. Mindfulness is a stepping stone for all those who are in quest of happiness. Gradually all sorts of anxiety, depression, stress-related worries will evaporate from our lives. Practice mindfulness and learn the trick to deal with the chaotic madness that is going around in the world.


Below are simple but effective ways that teach mindfulness practice-


Devote some time in daily schedule to practice the art of mindfulness

Mindfulness does not come to those people who practice it one day and never show up to practice on the next day. A proper routine needs to be followed to practice the art. For example, a time schedule needs to be maintained to practice it. It is better to pick that time of the day when an interruption is the least. Make sure to practice mindfulness during the same time of the day. Moreover, one also needs to pick up space in the house where this art form can be practiced. The place should be free from interruptions and noise. It should have a soothing aura and should instantly bring calmness to the body and mind. A peaceful environment will make the person relax during the practice session. Make sure to use that particular area of the house exclusively for practicing mindfulness and for nothing else. Since the place is not used for anything else, as soon as the person sits down, the subconscious mind will know that it is the time for practicing mindfulness and thus, it will instantly calm the mind and body. Initially keep the session short. A session of 5-10 minutes is enough for those who are starting the practice. You can gradually increase the practice time as per the convenience. The key is to keep the session short but powerful. If you are able to completely concentrate on the present moment in your entire session of 5-10 minutes then it is a meaningful session. If you hardly concentrate for a couple of minutes and sit for an hour then it is a waste of time. 


Sit in a comfortable position 

Mindfulness is an exercise for the mind and thus body position does not matter a lot. You can either sit on the floor or on a chair. The only thing that matters is that the position should be comfortable. You need to sit in the same position for the entire session. Thus, make sure to choose a position as per your comfort. It does not matter whether you keep feet on the ground or sit in a lotus position. Concentrate on breathing. Practice deep breathing. Focus on the breathing in and breathing out that you carry out. If the mind wanders and shifts focus from breathing to other things then try to bring it back and reset the focus on breathing. 


Focus on the current moment

Initially one needs to consciously make consistent efforts on focusing on the current moment. It may not be easy initially but with time, the practice will make a person pro in the art form. The purpose is to shift focus from the past and future to the present. While doing so, judgments need to be kept aside. We meaninglessly dwell in the past or future. We very well know that we cannot go back and correct our mistakes and similarly, we do not know what’s kept in for us in our future. Still, we allow the thoughts of past and future to linger in our minds. If we think deeply, only the current moment is the real time that we are in reality capable of living. Thus, mindfulness teaches us the importance of the current moment. It teaches us to accept oneself and everyone while living in the present. While focusing on the present time, make sure to focus on breath and listen to the various sounds around the aura.


Stop worrying about everything

When in the practice session, it is important to give a pause to the worries. Thus, stop looking at the clock. You don’t have to know how much time has passed. When you are focusing on the current time, maintain your focus and do not let the thoughts slip worrying about the future. It is because the future will soon arrive and you do not know what it has in store for you. Thus, do not let such thoughts wander your minds such as at what time you need to get up from the session, the place where you have to be next, the people you have to meet and the conversations you are about to have, etc. 


Enjoy doing nothing

The session of practicing mindfulness is the one where the body isn’t doing much. The entire task is of mind. It is because the mind has to focus on breathing and on present times. On the other hand, the body gets to enjoy relaxation. It is not necessary that all the time we need to run around and keep accomplishing the things on our list. Sometimes, we need to stop and rest. This resting period is when we recharge our mind and body which helps us to run for a long period of time. Those who do not stop and recharge will run out of power after some time. Thus, mindfulness is not a practice that teaches idleness but promotes productiveness. As much as sleep is necessary to give the body a break, practicing mindfulness is also equally important.


Focus on thoughts

Everything begins with thoughts. It is because thoughts turn into feelings, words, and personality. Thus, focus on your thoughts. Then focus on the speech and conversations that you have with others along with the kind of action you practice. Check the motive behind everything. It will help you identify whether your motive is to help others or it is to just satisfy the ego. This kind of checking will help you to always be positive. If you consistently check the quality of your thoughts, words, and deeds, you will be able to keep negativity away from you. Moreover, being judgmental is a wrong practice to follow. Thus, try to get rid of it. Don’t try to pass judgments about anything, any person or the circumstances that pass by you. 


Put a pause on wandering

It is obvious that during the session mind will wander in the past or future. All you have to do is bring it back to present time. As soon as the mind wanders, bring it back to the present moment. The quicker it is done; the better will be the results. Key is to be conscious all the time. Lack of concentration is the reason for the mind to dwell here and there. Practice deep breathing. Reset the focus of mind. Initially, you may have to do it repeatedly. Once you master the technique then with passing time, your mind will hardly wander in different times. Concentrating power will gradually increase. Sometimes, your anxiety about the future or regrets associated with past will not allow you to concentrate on the present time. Make yourself understand that whatever that is done in the past is done and it cannot be corrected and whatever the future will bring in will surely arrive and nothing can stop it. Thus, instead of being hard on yourself when you lack concentration and dwell at different times, train your mind and teach it to stay in present times and make peace with everything.



Mindfulness is necessary to make life easy. We do not know how much of our precious time we waste by thinking about past or future. In reality, it is only the current time that we are really capable of living. Thus, make most of it and practice mindfulness. This will help us to embrace every moment of our life gracefully without being judgmental over anything. Though it may look easy and simple. However, it isn’t that easy. It requires practice to master this form. Thus, devote some time of the day to practice mindfulness. Once mastered, life becomes easy as we learn to live in the current moment and get the most out of it. Moreover, we will keep our worries, stress, and anxiety at bay and embrace happiness and peace in our lives with grace.

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