Healthy body


Well health man live complete life.

Good health for living happy. A wealth man, there is no condition in his health he cannot live with interest. He lives with unhappy. Wealth is important but first main need well health. Next chance is to the wealth.

Everyone has the need for certain things in life to live in comfort and happiness. The necessities of life are basically food, clothing and shelter. If these are available happiness can be got. But very often, man wants to have many other things, which, he thinks, are necessary for a happy life. Many people to-day feel that a television set is quite important for them, and, in the absence of that at least a radio is transistor. These things, in economic senses are know as luxuries which are not absolutely necessary. So the question arises whether the basic necessities or these `luxuries’ would contribute to human happiness.

Without wealth we cannot be happy. But wealth alone cannot guarantee happiness. It is said must have a sound mind in a sound body. That is, even mental development will be possible only if one has good health. As one Tamil proverb points out, unless is not developed it will be only a one- sided development.

This health can be assured by simple living. Simple food habits and simple ways of life will prevent one from contacting diseases or ailments. Wholesome food can build up the body. Similarly, clothing also needs to be simple. The changeover to and adoption of western modes of dress though fashionable does not suit our climate. One feels more at home in one’s own native dress and it also helps one to have free movement and avoid unhygienic development. In a similar way, houses in which we live need not be grand structures. Good air and ventilation can provide the facilities for good health. Thus if food, clothing and shelter are made simple, it is possible to have good health. Health, if once assured, can lead on to other benefits. Hence health is the greatest wealth that anyone can wish for.


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