These recipes can be made in 30 minutes flat.You can make all the three when some uninvited guests shows up too!

Coriander rice(Kothmera rice)


Coriander leaves-a handful

Onions-50 gms

Mustard-few seeds

oil for frying-1tsp

chilly powder-1/4tsp

salt for taste

Rice-1 cup


1.Boil the required amount of rice and keep aside

2.Grind the coriander leaves and make it a paste using little water

3.On a tawa,add little oil,mustard and onions,fry till golden brown,add chilly powder,coriander paste and rice to it.Add salt to taste

4.Mix well and cook it for 3 minutes.The color of the rice should turn green on account of coriander

Coriander rice


Kozikatta(Kerala Dessert)


Slight roasted rice flour-2 cups

Warm water-2 cups

salt to taste

Jaggery-100 gms

coconut(grated)-100 gms

coconut milk-1tsp



1.Make dough using the roasted rice flour,warm water and salt.See to that the dough is smooth and not rough.Keep it aside

2.In a bowl,mix jaggery,grated coconut and powdered elaichi.Make sure the mixture is all golden brown

3.Take a part of dough and roll it into a ball.Make a depression and stuff the jaggery mixture and close the ball and roll it..It will look like an egg-all white outside and yellow inside.Glaze the balls with coconut milk to avoid stickiness and cracking

4.Steam the balls for 10-12 minutes.You can steam them in idli steamer,but make sure that the balls fits in the idli shaper.Allow it to cool and consume after 10 minutes of cooling.Immediate eating will burn the tongue as the core of the ball will be quite hot.



Lemon Tea


Tea bags-2 or 3

Boiling water-2 cups

Lemon juice-10 drops

honey/sugar to taste


Boil water in tea bowl.When the water brings a first boil(first bubble) dip the tea bags for 1 minute.This is to ensure that the tea does not become bitter in taste.Add lemon juice and bring to boil.We can notice a peculiar flavor of lemon and tea mixed.Add sugar/honey to taste.Serve hot.Ideal for milk intolarance people,protects skin from tanning and a great antioxident.

To make it as a cold lemon tea,you can cool the tea when it is hot,pour it in a tall glass and refrigerate it for 3 hours and serve chilled.

lemon tea



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