There is a very rastirazhirovanny slogan: "The future depends on you!" Yes, yes, but why the future? Much more important, I think that this depends on you. After all, your present - are you the real thing. This is who here and now. " 
How many times have convinced - and his experiences and the experiences of others - that excess weight is often a reliable anchor in your "today". To make it "here and now" in good conscience to avoid at least some changes and changes in their usual order. "That's losing weight and find true love, work, friends, go on ..." Familiar sounds? Or so again: "Yes, when I was skinny, and that's when life was ..." 
In this case, we sincerely believe in our great заинтересованность in change their lives. Only here a little, but reduces the "out" all this interest in detail: we put these wonderful changes in their future . Or remember "what we were fine," thing of the past. 
In fact, it is possible that something in yourself and in your life to change is rooted in our present. In each minute, hour, day of our lives. In fact, as to what we spend now its time. Forces. How to treat yourself - today. How to perceive themselves and their lives at the moment. 
After all, "I'm real" - is exactly what I here and now. " Everything else about me - it's either memories or projects "as it could be." 
Of course, planning for the future - a good thing. But any planning begins with a revision of its current reserves and resources. With the counting of "seed capital". And to achieve any goal, once again, this is a chain of consecutive steps. 
At what step you're ready right now? Let's see what we have assets. 
First of all, this is our living body. That every day, every hour, minute and second supports livelihoods, providing us with everything we needed. How do we treat him? To this eternal hard worker, trying their hardest to us - the owners - please? 
I think if you're interested in such articles, then you my body here and now "a little happy. It brings you. Fat, may be already sick. What a crap! As it would be nice once and run away from responsibility for their eating habits and choices! And indeed the responsibility for their lives ... So is Georgia ... So angry when reminded that, well, you're very happy with his life ... to find someone to Big and adult, that he / she is responsible for me ... That would be life is wonderful ... 
Or even this approach is able to support in avoiding the adoption of a "here and now." Declare themselves as victims. Circumstances, events, and the mighty and all-powerful other. Victim of his own childhood wrong, evil parents, brothers, sisters - also nice. "That is the root of my problems with overeating! I - poor baby! "Good comfort ... 
Only here what a nasty thing. Life is something - it is yours. And the body - it's yours. 
And your: 
- Feelings, sensations, thoughts and perceptions of the world; - Words, actions, behavior, impact on the world. 
Of course, we live in a particular environment. In an environment of near and far for us humans. And all of this every day for us in some way affected. Forming a large extent, our coordinate system and the reactions. But we are definitely influenced by their surroundings. 
The most important thing here you know what? What is the possibility, in the context of our topic with you? We definitely can influence their perception of the world. And change its impact on the world. And it begins with the influence and impact on himself. Right now. Here. 
You sit or lie down while you read it? Try to do this. Five to seven quiet, soft breaths. Comfortable support your body. Attention to the body. Concerned, tender, sympathetic attention. You are currently in contact with your best friend on this earth. With those who support you always and everywhere. With those who really, really trying to make your life better. Who are daily, hourly, every moment is working for you and only you. 
Try it for a thank you. Sincerely, from the soul, here and now. 
And ask him - how you can ease his life? Facilitate the direct sense of the word. Than to treat, how to deliver them from pain and hardship? 
What will come: words, images, thoughts and feelings - is the answer of your body . 
It is possible that it is so worn out by your disdain for him that first, second and third time it would say nothing. But if each day to pay for his body is gentle, loving, supportive attention, it will respond. 
When it "will respond", write the answers. And this is your plan for the near future. Begin to implement it makes sense now. And here. Every day. But in another way - you are already quite differently lived ... maybe that's enough? 
I suggest you sample text to your from this day on every evening of relaxation and mood in contact with the body: 
"My body - the house of my soul. I accept my body. I am attentive to his needs and requirements. I feed him in his hunger. I like to feel light, active, energetic. I take care of yourself and your body. Every day I'm doing everything I can for my body and my soul. Every day I form their force and energy. Develop self-esteem. This is what makes me special. What differentiates from the others. What gives me the energy to be and live. Choice - what to feel and to think about how to react and behave in my life - always mine! " 
Well, if you find this sample text by adapting itself. Without using the prefixes "non".

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