Many of the ladies suffer from this problem. They look white but their hands and feet look black. If we neglect this problem then there will be occurrence of this on the skin of your hands and feel will become pigment. Then it takes some months and years to cure this problem. So we need to take care of this problem at the initial state itself. This problem will be much in summer season. We should always apply something to our skin like oils, creams, moisturizer etc whenever we exposed to sun. If we neglect in summer our skin gets tanned and become black. So we need to take special care to our hands and feet.

  1. Try to apply moisturizer or costly hand and feet lotions at night time. Every day apply some pak to your hands and feet then remove it after some time by using basan powder.
  2. For every 10 days apply cream or coconut oil or olive oil or milk cream etc and wash it after some time then you will notice a lot of change on your hands and feet.
  3. Soak basan powder in milk for 10 minutes. Then apply as pack to hands, feet and massage them for 10 minutes. The blackness on your skin will get reduced.
  4. Soa k oats in milk and rub it on your feet and hands.
  5. Make sugar powder, add some honey, lemon juice then rub that mixture on your hands and feet. For every 15 days if you do this, there will be lot of change .the blackness gets reduced and hands, feet becomes soft and smooth. But never rub so hardly. Once in week adopt this pack.
  6. Multhani mitti, milk powder, honey, lemon juice, Bairoes skin powder and some rose water.

Apply this mixture as pack to your hands and feet. After 15 minutes remove it.

  1. Apply mixtue of papaya, oats, scrub, clinging Zell for 5 minutes and remove it.
  2. Mix whitening cream with glow sayram and apply to hands 15 minutes massage.













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