A soft touch is more powerful than thousand words. Therefore, it is very important for human being like food. We cannot see anybody in this world who never expect to get a loving touch from others.  A good massage can remove all tensions and worries from us. That is the power of massage. Massaging is very important for babies for their overall development. 

Massaging plays an important role in the life of a baby. Following are some of the benefits of massaging if we do it for babies.

1. It makes digestion easy for babies. 

2. Get relief from body pain.

3. Give strength to their bodies.

4. Increase their body weight.

5. Get relief from stomach pain, gastric problems and colic.

6. Increase their immunity power.

7. Give them good sleep.

8. Stimulate the growth of bones, muscles and brain.

Massaging is the best way to develop the spiritual relationship between mother and child. Mothers should fondle their babies while massaging. They also should talk something to their babies by looking at their eyes.  If mothers can repeat this process daily when massaging, it will increase the attachment of babies with their mothers. Some women have depression after they deliver their babies. Baby massaging is the best solution to get rid of this disease. Not only for mothers, can fathers of babies also participate in baby massaging. Then, they get an opportunity to help their wives. More than that, this is a golden chance for fathers to converse with their babies through a soft and loving touch. This is the best way to make a healthy relationship with your child. 

What we listen when we do baby massage:-

When you do massaging, look at the eyes of the babies and talk to them. Make sure that they do not have any irritation while massaging. Never massage your babies immediately after giving food. If their stomach is full, do not massage on their stomach because it will make irritation to them. Avoid massaging when the baby is in sleepy mood. Do not try to massage your babies when they are tired after a long journey. Massage your babies forty-five minutes after taking food. 


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