It is better to achieve protection from heart diseases by preventing them to occur rather than its treatment as prevention is always better than cure. Right from the beginning, when an individual is healthy, proper care should bet taken and heart disease should not be allowed to occur. Once heart disease or heart related disorder is formed, its cure becomes difficult. For prevention of heart diseases, it becomes essential that heart diseases should not be allowed to develop and if they develop then all the efforts should be made which will make sure that it does not redevelop once it is treated, or else efforts should be made so that it develops after a long time so that patient can live a long life.

Disorders of coronary artery is one dangerous condition from which many people die. Main cause of this disorder is constriction of coronary artery, formation of blood clot and development of rigidity. Efforts should be made to get rid of causes responsible for coronary artery and other heart diseases.

There are certain reasons responsible for heart diseases which are not under our control. For example, whether a person is male or female, one does not have control on it. Women are less affected from heart diseases when compared with men. There are many causes responsible behind it. One major cause is hereditary factors. Individuals in near future are at high risk of developing heart diseases if their parents or grand parents are suffering from it. Such people should be careful in this aspect.

Physical work and exercise:-

The most important cause of heart disease is to sit idle and not get involved in physical work. In individuals, who involve themselves in physical work like running, walking, physical exercises etc..... blood vessels remain flexible. Blood circulation in their blood vessels remain adequate. Clots do not form in their blood. Also, fat and cholesterol do not get deposited in their blood vessels. Thus, heart receives good amount of blood through these blood vessels and thus it remains healthy. Individuals who do not do physical work and the one who work in offices by sitting for hours together are at high risk of developing coronary artery disease. As per studies, individuals who spend relaxed life without doing any physical work are at 3 times high risk of developing heart diseases than individuals who do involve themselves in physical work.

Below mentioned physical work and exercises are beneficial for heart:-

  • Early morning one should go for a walk. One should walk at least 2 km and pace of walk should be fast. If person is a heart patient then he can reduce the distance as well as pace.
  • While going to office, one can get down from bus, one stop before and from there they can walk to their office.
  • One can walk their kids to school and instead of making use of some vehicles. Thus, kids too will be benefited from it.
  • One should not go to the markets by two wheelers or four wheelers to purchasing house hold items, fruits, vegetables etc..... They should walk that distance. This will ensure good physical exercise as well as reduce the pollution resulting from smoke emitted from vehicles.
  • If a person is not suffering from heart disease then to keep the heart total healthy and free of diseases, he should daily run for miles together and keep running till he becomes breathless.
  • For youngsters, swimming, cycling, playing badminton, hockey, football etc..... games are very good exercises. These sports should be played in the form of exercises.
  • Jumping by standing in a same place, moving hands and limbs, performing exercises of physical training are very beneficial for heart. Only those exercises should be performed by the person which makes him happy and he enjoys doing them.
  • Heart patients should not perform tough exercises. For them, going for a walk twice in a day, in early morning and evening is a good exercise.
  • Yogasana also is very beneficial for heart.

Benefits of physical works and exercises:-

  • Blood vessels gain strength and become flexible. It increases their working efficiency.
  • Blood circulation in blood vessels occur properly.
  • Blood receives enough oxygen.
  • Individuals who are regular in exercise and do sufficient physical work never suffer from sudden heart attack.
  • Body weight remains under control. Weight does not increase and person remains fit.
  • Blood vessels do not become rigid.
  • Fat and cholesterol deposition does not occur in blood vessels.
  • Person does not suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Lungs become strong and their efficiency to purify blood improves.
  • Person who exercise regularly is at low risk of suffering from diabetes.
  • Production of R.B.Cs in blood increases.
  • Heart beats remain normal and regular.
  • Person gets a good sleep.
  • He always looks young.
  • Their is glow on his face.
  • He lives a long and healthy life.

Reality is, that even on spending millions, these many benefits cannot be obtained. Even after thousands of inventions and discoveries going on in daily basis in the medical field, no such medicine is made available which can gift to us all such benefits. All these are natural remedies which if followed regularly and properly keeps body far from all kinds of diseases.

Protection from addictions:-

Consumption of alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolate etc..... in excess amount is harmful to heart. Smoking is another addiction which is also very harmful to heart. To avoid heart diseases, one has to quit these addictions as soon as possible. All these are bad habits and the worst of them all is smoking. To protect oneself from heart diseases and to make heart strong, one has to quit smoking cigarette and chewing tobacco. Doctors worldwide have accepted the fact that individuals dying from heart diseases are mainly smokers.

Blood vessels constrict on regular smoking. This decreases oxygen supply to heart. Heart beats become irregular. This increases blood pressure. All these are direct ill-effects which occur on heart. Apart from these ill-effects other disorders like gastric troubles, acidity, peptic ulcer, coughing, throat cancer, disorders of lungs, cancer in oral cavity are all results of smoking. 26 types of poisons enter the body when a person smokes. Among them, nicotine is the most poisonous one. To protect oneself from heart diseases, one should quit smoking. Smoking is a kind of activity which slowly poisons the body and it is like a suicidal attempt which is made at a very slow pace. On excess consumption of alcohol, muscles of heart weakens and person suffers from arteriosclerosis.

If one wishes to stay healthy and fit then smoking, alcohol consumption and other addictions should not be given a place in one's life.

Less intake of medicines:-

If a person takes excessive dosage of medicines then he is at increased risk of developing heart diseases. Some people depend on medicines to correct even minor disorders developed in the body. All these medicines exert side effects on the body. Medicines also exert ill-effects on heart. Thus, they should be avoided as much as possible. Unnecessarily, one should not become dependent on medicines. Few kids are born with heart disorders. Reason behind it is during pregnancy, mothers of these kids took medicines which are contraindicated during pregnancy. Thalidomide is one such medicine which is contraindicated during pregnancy. We all should take medicines only under doctor's prescription.

Control of high blood pressure and diabetes:-

High blood pressure and diabetes are two disorders which are directly related with heart disease. Both these disorders do not show any symptom for long time and thus person does not come to know that he is suffering from any such disease. Some patients even after suffering up to 10 years from high blood pressure, do not come to know about it. Since they do not come to know about these disorders, they do not take any medicine for it. Thus, after the age of 40 it is advised to go for check up of blood sugar and blood pressure once in every 6 months. This will not keep the person in darkness as his disease will be diagnosed and thus he will start taking medicines to keep both these disorders under control.

If early treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure is not done then person is likely to suffer from coronary artery disease. Muscles of heart will also get affected. Apart from this, these disorders also show ill-effects on blood vessels of kidneys and brain. To protect oneself from heart diseases, it is important to keep the blood pressure as well as level of blood sugar under control. Many medicines are available in market to control high blood pressure and blood sugar level. Intake of these medicines should only be done under doctor's prescription.

Following methods are beneficial to control high blood pressure:-

  • Content of fat and oil should be reduced in food.
  • Salt should be consumed in negligible amount.
  • Food should be consumed in proper portions and obesity should be reduced.
  • If a person is short tempered and gets irritated even on small things then he should make efforts to become peace loving and should always remain happy and joyful.
  • He should develop a habit to go to regular daily walk.

Diabetic patient should take medicines regularly. Increased level of sugar in blood exerts harmful effects on body. Not only heart is affected, eye sight also weakens. Actually, body becomes weak from inside.

Following methods are beneficial to control blood sugar level:-

  • Sugar should be eaten in very less amount.
  • Diabetic patient should always go for regular walk.
  • Amount of ghee, butter, fat etc..... should be consumed in very little amount.
  • To protect one self from heart diseases, it is very essential to keep blood pressure level as well as blood sugar level under control.

Freedom from stress and tension:-

Emotions like stress, tension, fear, anger etc..... exert direct effects on the heart. In such mental situations it is very usual to see heart beating rapidly along with increased blood pressure and heavy breathing. To keep heart diseases away, it is essential that a person keeps himself free from stress and tension. Stress, tension, anger etc..... do not lay a solution to any problem. The circumstances that are prevailing should be allowed to persist. Solutions can be founded for the problems but tension should not be given a room in our lives as it is not a solution for any kind of trouble. Responsibilities should be fulfilled. We should never force others to follow what we say. Efforts should be done to develop habits like loving others, serving others, helping others and showing kindness to the needy. This will help to eliminate anger, greed, disrespect from within.

If one is tensed regarding house related problem he should understand that tension is not a solution to any problem. Its solution has to be founded. Education of kids, income, house rents are not the topics of stress and tension. For a person to remain healthy, it is essential that he lives a stress free and tension free life. He should devote his mind in service of others. On daily basis, he should perform a good task. Keeping oneself far away from performing bad things will automatically keep mind peaceful.

Person may even develop mental disorders due to stress and tension. Best method to keep free from these emotions is to remain busy. Devoting oneself to God, listening to mesmerizing words of saints, spending some time in temples and visiting spiritual places are few methods which can help a person to remain stress free and tension free life. If a person keeps himself far away from tension, fear, anger, stress, jealousy, pride etc..... it is for sure that a person will not only remain untouched by heart diseases in fact will remain free from all sorts of diseases.

Good diet:-

It is well known to all of us that a person what he eats will reflect it in his thoughts. Food has a direct relation with health of the body. Nutritious food keeps a person healthy and malnutrition causes diseases.

To efficiently run body and to keep it disease free, we need following elements in food:-

  • Carbohydrates,
  • Fats,
  • Proteins,
  • Essential minerals,
  • Vitamins and
  • Water

As per physical activities, we have 3 requirements. They are:-

  • Food products that yield energy like carbohydrates and fats.
  • Body building food products like protein and minerals.
  • Food products which help in defense system like vitamins and water.

Our food should provide us nutrition. It should be balanced as well as should be tasty. Food should not cause obesity. This is because obesity gives birth to blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases.

Food related important tips:-

  • Food should contain mixed salad prepared with sprouts and fresh vegetables. This will make sure that body gets adequate amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Carrot, radish, cucumber, tomato etc..... are good for heart. Carrot juice has certain elements in it which can reduce the risk of ulcer and cancer.
  • Garlic consumption is very beneficial for heart. It reduces cholesterol and avoids formation of clots in the blood.
  • Ginger also reduces the risk of formation of blood clots.
  • Heart patients can consume milk free of cream. Drinking 1 glass of toned or double toned milk daily is good for health.
  • Drinking butter milk is like a nectar to heart. We should drink at least 1 glass of butter milk daily.
  • Egg plant reduces formation of cholesterol.
  • Excess consumption of salt is not good for heart. Person who consumes salt in more amount is at high risk of developing high blood pressure. Patients suffering from high blood pressure should reduce their daily salt intake level to 2-3 gm.
  • Vegetable juices when consumed daily proves good for heart.
  • One should cultivate a habit of eating vegetarian food.
  • Dinner should be eaten at least 3 hours before sleeping.
  • Sprouted black chick pea is good for health.
  • Food eating more than the required amount will act like a poison and thus will become harmful to the body.
  • Frequent small meals can be eaten instead of two big meals. This will result in good absorption of food and enhanced digestion and thereby indirectly help heart as it needs to exert less load.
  • Water is like a nectar. It is a powerful antacid and helps in cleansing of kidneys. Thus, one should drink more and more amount of water.
  • Drinking water in between meals will interfere with digestion of food. Thus, gap of half an hour should be maintained between food and water intake.
  • Food should not be eaten when a person is in the state of excitement or when he has lost his temper. Consumption of pickles, chillies and excess of spices is dangerous for health. It exerts ill-effects on digestive system.
  • Use of sugar should be reduced.
  • Consumption of ghee, butter and other edible oils should be restricted to 1/2 kg - 1 kg in a month. Excess of fat consumption invites obesity and cholesterol gets deposited in blood.
  • Cold milk without sugar is good for stomach.
  • Freshly prepared food should be eaten.
  • Food should be chewed many a times before it is gulped down the throat.
  • Fiber rich foods are good for heart as well as digestive system.
  • Fruits should be consumed as much as possible.
  • Light exercises performed before meals is good for health.
  • Tea should not be consumed for more than one time in a day.
  • On chapatis, oil should not be applied.
  • Low calorie vegetables like spinach, cucumber, carrot is good for heart patients.
  • Sweet fruits contain more amount of calories. Thus, such fruits should not be consumed in more amount.
  • Tea and coffee should be consumed as little as possible.
  • Excessive cold drinks should not be consumed. Instead of cold drinks, fruit juices, vegetable juices, lemon juice etc..... can be consumed.
  • Honey is also very good for heart.
  • Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C and thus very beneficial for heart.
  • Curd reduces cholesterol and thus should form a part of our meals.

These rules if followed properly, protect person from heart diseases.

Food if it is unhealthy results in coronary artery disorders. Fat and cholesterol in food results in increasing cholesterol level in blood. This constricts coronary artery. By making suitable changes in our diet, we can avoid deposition of cholesterol. Less consumption of fat obtained from eggs and meat result in decreased cholesterol deposition. Medicines are also available which can reduce cholesterol level. But, these medicines show side effects. Medicines which claim to reduce weight in actual terms are illusion. Weight can only be reduced on less calorie intake and on excess calorie expenditure.

Thus, it is important to know that we all should be take precautions regarding our diet.


There are many ways of getting entertained. One can play games and entertain themselves. Humor is another way. Apart from this, television, radio etc..... can be watched or listened for entertainment. Good books, magazines, newspapers etc..... are good modes of entertainment. Traveling outdoor, picnics, meeting friends, relatives also lead to entertainment.

Entertainment is very essential in life as it is the source of happiness. A person remains tension free and stress free. Incidence of heart diseases decreases because mental stress is the root cause of heart diseases. Person hardly gets affected with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Exercises for heart patients:-

Warm up:-

Before initiation of any exercise, warm up is very essential.

To warm up, following exercises can be done:-

  • Before any exercise, person willing to exercise should stand up and tilt his head slightly on left side then on right side and then head should be tilted backward.
  • Chin should be raised up and face should be turned on left side, then on right side and then downward.
  • Person should stand straight and 45c.m. of distance should be kept between limbs. He should bend downward and try to touch limbs with both his hands. Head should also be kept bent downward. Air should be taken in and held inside and once again person should come back to his original position. Body should be left a little loose.
  • Legs should be widened and person should stand straight. Breath should be held in and person should bend on his left side. Left arm should be allowed to hang downwards. Person should remain in this position for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, he should come back to his original position and repeat same posture on right side too and once again come back to original position after 3 seconds.
  • Legs should be kept close and person should stand straight. With intake of air, left limb should be raised up. Both the hands should support limb. This position should be held for 3 seconds. Left limb is taken to the ground. Right limb is raised. After 3 seconds, it is also taken to the ground. This has to be repeated 10 times. After 1 week, 20 repetitions should be performed.
  • Person should stand straight and maintain a distance of 45 c.m. between both the legs. Both the hands should be rotated in circular motion. This has to be done 10 times. After 1 week, it should be done 20 times.

These are light exercises which can be performed by heart patients. Healthy individuals can also perform them. However, they can choose to perform some severe form of exercises too.


Swimming is a very good exercise. It increases stamina and strength. It is one such exercise which proves to be beneficial to all age group individuals. If one does not know to swim, they can easily learn it. If an individual swims occasionally, he should make an effort to swim regularly to give it a form of exercise. While swimming, one should breath properly. Swimming carried out in mild warm water is very beneficial.


Cycling is also a very good exercise. Making use of cycle to travel short distances is very good for health. This makes heart strong and increases stamina. It make limbs strong too. Cycling should only be continued for a duration until one loses out of his breath. Cycling for a duration of 20 minutes is considered to be sufficient. High blood pressure patients should ride a bicycle only if their doctor permits them. Now a days, cycles are available easily in market which can be kept in home to derive benefits of exercising within home premises.


Jogging is the best exercise to keep heart free of ailments. To perform it, only one pair of canvas shoes are required. This will make sure that soles of the feet experience cushion effects. Jogging has to be performed like an exercise. Competing with others while jogging is wrong. Jogging keeps heart healthy. Heart patients should perform jogging only if their doctors allow them.


If a person is suffering from any heart disease, he should be taken to the nearest hospital and he should be given proper treatment under heart specialist. Rest is very essential after heart attack. Heart is a peculiar machine which after rest starts working efficiently.

After attack of heart disease or heart attack, following precautions have to be followed by heart patient to live a normal life:-

  • After attack of heart disease, heart patient should rest completely for few days. Along with physical rest, mental peace is also very essential. Duration of rest should be at least 2-3 weeks. After attack of heart disease, patient should mostly consume liquid foods i.e., his diet should comprise mainly of liquid foods like coconut water, milk, fruit juices, tea, coffee etc..... If a person complains of gastric trouble due to milk and fruit juices then he should not be given such food stuffs.
  • After 2 days, he can be given soft foods like khichadi, water of mashed pulses etc..... It should contain very little amount of ghee, oil and salt content. Eating soft fruits in particular is very beneficial. Fiber present in fruit will make excretion easy. Heart patient should never exert pressure while excretion because pressure can result in heart attack. After a heart attack, patient should not consume heavy and fat rich food for a long time.
  • Medicines prescribed by heart specialist should be taken as per recommended dosage. 
  • There is no restriction on the amount of water intake. Heart patient can consume as much water as he wish. But, he should keep a record of the amount of water he consumed and amount of urine he excreted.
  • After an attack of heart disease, from 4th week onwards, patient on bed itself should start performing light exercises by slightly moving his hands and limbs. After this, patient should make an effort to sit on his bed, if not for long time, at least for some duration. After 4 weeks, heart patient can walk slowly within his room.
  • After 6 weeks, heart patient should slowly try to return to his previous working schedule. It is very important to rest for an hour in the afternoon after the lunch. In the night too, patient should sleep for at least 9-10 hours.
  • Heart patient should not climb stairs for at least 8 weeks. After 8 weeks, he should make an attempt to slowly climb 3-4 steps.
  • Smoking has to be totally quit.
  • Tea and coffee can be occasionally consumed.
  • Medicines which facilitate easy excretion can be taken.
  • If patient has complain of cough then he should take cough medicines under doctor's prescription.
  • Patient should take care of his weight and keep it under control.
  • As much as possible, patient should be given food without salt in it.
  • After 3 months, heart patient can return to his normal working schedule. After heart disease, patient should not live a hectic life. He should spend tension free and peaceful life. He should keep himself free from unnecessary work.
  • Heart patient should go for early morning walk. He should cultivate a habit of walking slow. Walking is very good for heart. If patient experiences pain or becomes tired while walking then he should immediately sit and rest for some time before going to home.
  • Alcohol should never be consumed. Non vegetarian food should be totally removed from heart patient's life. Patient should only consume vegetarian food that too free of oil. Sprouts, pulses and cereals are good for health.
  • As much as possible, sugar consumption should be reduced.
  • Patient's diet should be free of pickles and spices.
  • No sexual relationship has to be built for at least 3 months after a heart attack. Lots of energy is spent in it and thus not good for patient's heart. Building a sexual relationship after few months is good and safe for patients.

On following these precautions, heart patient even after been attacked with heart disease or heart related disorder can spend a happy and normal life.


Awakening after heart disease is not an intelligence. It would be better that right from beginning special care is taken to live a healthy life which is free from diseases. If precautions are taken then a person not only remains free from heart diseases in fact from all sorts of diseases. If special care is taken and all the rules and regulations are followed then a person even after living in a polluted and crowded environment can remain free of diseases.

Patient need to spend only one hour in a day to follow these heart related rules. While following these rules, no sort of interference will be made in patient's day to day activities and entertainment. It would be beneficial if person keeps control on his diet and do regular exercises which will make his heart strong. Instead of depending on medicines for curing diseases, prevention should always be given more importance.

Following are certain rules and precautions which when followed keep a person away from diseases:-

  • Salt intake in a diet should be greatly reduced. This will make sure that patient never get affected from high blood pressure. 
  • Diet should contain very little amount of sugar. Sugar is considered to be a white poison. Thus, its use has to be reduced as much as possible. If one is habituated to eat sweets in the form of desserts, just after finishing meals then he should make it a point to eat it with meals itself and not after meals. This will make sure that no harmful effects of sweets are produced on teeth.
  • Garlic is very beneficial for heart. It makes heart strong and reduces the amount of cholesterol in blood. Thus, garlic should be regularly consumed. If one cannot eat garlic then it should be chopped into fine pieces and gulped down the throat with one glass of water.
  • Tea, coffee, cold drinks are not good for heart. Coffee increases cholesterol. These liquid products should be consumed as little as possible.
  • One main cause of heart disease is accumulation of cholesterol. In past few years, scientists have discovered that vitamin A, B and E can reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in blood. For this, we need to consume wheat sprouts, soy bean, spinach, gooseberry, green chilly, lemon, tomato, carrot, papaya, mango, grapes, apple, onion etc..... in large amount. Green vegetables are good for heart.
  • Magnesium is very good for heart diseases. This element is present in excess in banana. Thus, for heart diseases, consumption of banana is very beneficial. Immediately when a banana is consumed during heart attack, risk of sudden death is greatly reduced.
  • Margarine is very harmful for heart patients. It should never be used. Risk of heart diseases is greatly increased on its consumption.
  • Black grapes, walnut and almonds are very good for heart.
  • Potassium is very effective in controlling blood pressure. Thus, high blood pressure patients should regularly consume potatoes, pears, oranges, green peas and milk.
  • Mango consumption is very beneficial for heart as it keeps blood vessels flexible.
  • All purpose flour, refined oil and packaged food products should be consumed as little as possible.
  • One should avoid pickles, fast foods and excessive spices. They result in acidity and gastric troubles which is not good for health.
  • On drinking alcohol, heart weakens. Thus, it should be completely stopped.
  • Light exercises done before consuming meals is very good for health. Walking in an open space where there is plenty of air makes heart strong.
  • One should be regular in eating meals i.e., food should be consumed daily on same time. Irregularity in consuming one's meals is the root cause of majority of the diseases.
  • Resting for half an hour to one hour in the afternoon after finishing meals is very good for heart.
  • Drinking water half an hour after consuming food will enhance digestion.
  • Eating black green peas after it is been sprouted is very good for heart.
  • If body weight is more, then efforts should be made to reduce it. Obesity or increased weight not only esthetically affects an individual's look but also gives rise to various abnormalities within body which will take form of serious diseases and disorders.
  • One should drink 2 to 2 1/2 liters of water in a day as water is life to us and medium which is very essential in our body to carry out various functions by various organs.
  • Regular consumption of honey is very beneficial for heart. It also regulates high blood pressure.
  • Freshly prepared food should only be consumed.
  • Once in a day, bath should be taken with fresh water or warm water. After bath, body should be dried properly by rubbing it with a towel. This will reduce the deposition of cholesterol in blood vessels and skin pores will become clean.
  • If a person is suffering from high blood pressure disorder then with the help of medicines, blood pressure should be kept under control. High blood pressure is the biggest cause of heart disease.
  • In the same way, it becomes essential for diabetic patients to maintain the adequate level of sugar in their blood. Blood sugar level can be maintained by following good diet and by performing proper exercises regularly.
  • Smoking cigarette, tobacco chewing etc..... addictions are harmful to heart.
  • As much as possible, one should be away from crowded areas. Noise exerts harmful effects on heart. Noise results in mental tension and increases blood pressure. Both are dangerous to heart.
  • One should always live happy. Anger, tension and mental stress are dangerous to heart. One should get rid of lonely life and mingle well with others.
  • Early morning walk is very good for heart. Initially, walk has to be started at a very slow pace then one can increase their speed and walk at a moderate pace and then at fast pace. In this way, walk of 2-3 km on daily basis is very beneficial for heart.
  • Cycling, running, dancing, playing, swimming, yogasana are all good for heart.
  • For heart patients, climbing stairs in a hurry or lifting weight can prove to be very dangerous situations and thus they should take special precautions in these aspects.
  • Excess of pressure should not be applied during excretion of wastes. It exerts pressure on heart.
  • Immediately after meals one should not go for a walk or should not do any physical work of severe form. This activity can be harmful to the heart.
  • Early morning, before brushing or gargling one should cultivate a habit of drinking 6 glasses of water. It will enhance the cleansing from inside. It is very important that we keep our internal system clean to prevent diseases from developing.
  • Games that creates excitement should be watched for a very less time. Many a times, this can also induce a heart attack.

If these precautions are followed properly then a person will never get affected from heart diseases. Our health is in our hands. We can make it or mar it. These rules and regulations are not difficult to follow. Devoting some time to perform exercises and making slight changes in our diet can hugely benefit us in long run. By keeping heart healthy, we are maintaining overall health of our body and making our way for a long, healthy life which is free from all sorts of diseases and disorders.

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