Motherhood is one of those phases of life which you would like to cherish forever. In early motherhood, there are a number of tensions and problems. There are many new duties that you need to perform. There will be sleepless nights when you will try to put your child to sleep. The frequent diaper changes and so on. There are so many things in early motherhood that are nagging, nevertheless it is the most precious time in the life of a woman and she will remember it throughout her life.

One of the common problems with most babies is that they do not take to the breast milk in the initial days. Here you have to struggle to make your baby to take breast feeding. It’s a bit hard to do but you will love the process and you will really feel a lot of love and attachment for your baby once he gets close to you. It is one of the greatest experiences in a woman’s life when her child clings to her breast for the first time. You will feel like that your baby is a part of you. Many new emotions will be felt which are amazing.

In early motherhood, one has to deal with lots of problems. One such problem can be your baby’s illness. It is an anxious moment for all mothers. It’s difficult to handle it initially with no experience. You will be afraid at even the slightest clod or cough of your baby. But slowly you will learn how to take care of him and the process will bring a great sense of delight and satisfaction.

One of the best moments in your early motherhood is when your baby recognizes you. When your baby recognizes you for the first time, you truly feel great. This is the crowning moment in motherhood. You will feel a thousand new emotions. All the pain and the problems related to birth of your baby will go away and you will feel greatly attached to your baby. Its one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life and it truly fills her with happiness.

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