Terrorism can be defined as the means used by some desperate elements to express their protest or bargain for their needs. A fear and panic is created in the mind of public. It does not follow any predictable sequence or time element or even the place of occurrence. In its recent origin, it could be traced to Khalid episode when the terrorists had hijacked a plane and held the hostages on gun point to get their demand fulfilled. But now terrorism has become an international phenomenon. Terrorists in fact have no defined ideology. The reasons of terrorism can be social political dissatisfaction. But now terrorism has reached the stage of frenzy. Some political powers brainwash the dissatisfied elements and cause violence, bloodshed and destruction in the country. These people do not realize that killing innocent people will not bring solution to the problem. The powerful feelings of democracy and freedom throughout the world have shown at large power does not lie in the barrel of the gun. It lies in the hearts and minds of people. Terrorism can not be curbed simply by the reactionary violence that is followed by the police. The root cause of terrorism should be identified. Efforts should be made to eliminate al the inequality of income, unemployment etc. so that young people many not be drawn towards it. Rich and healthy entertainment should be fed to the masses. An international forum should be formed to solve this grievous problem so that man could become more human than animal.

How to fight terrorism

Our deadly weapon against terrorism is our eyes. Let us join hands in the fight against terrorism. Be alert and keep your eyes open for any unidentifiable, unclaimed objects, for suspicious –looking strangers and sign of unusual activity.

If we see anything amiss, we should approach the nearest policeman, polices station or contact the nearest gypsy. If we are in city or town we can dial phone.

Our alertness can prevent a disaster striking a big blow against terrorism. We can also earn a reward of lakhs rupees.

In a democratic country, it is the sympathy and cooperation of the general public which is the most important factor. An alert, watchful public is a strong deterrent to anti-national and anti-social activities.

We must fight united against terrorism. This is our social and moral duty also. Our unity, cooperation and love are the greatest safety against anti- national elements. We should co-operate each other without paying any attention towards casts, religion or province.


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