Right from birth, they trained him in innocence,

but an ignorance by far dethroned him from his glitter

and kept him in the manger,

thus, he was a being of negligence


Right from birth, they trained him in innocence,

the boy that everyone knew and applauded;

smiling with obedience, temperance, respect

and humility,

he gets thrown about and bullied

by the giant of indecision

boy in class three, gets all the attention,

then he immitates the swagger

and also gets attention

fifth grade bullied by two giants

sixth grade, cry baby till present

second year, junior high school seriousness

wounded by the false perception

that everybothing is easy

High school, deadly procrastination and

lethal laziness give him poor grades


De-graft Afful, he has always been average

at UVU, meets the ice princess, S.T.,

now he's here writing about his shattered self.

                                                         By Kakraba Afful

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