The masmerising effect of Gandhiji's life and policies had an impact not only in India but various other parts of world also. Here are few people who have followed Gandhiji's way and later known as Gandhiji in their respective places. They all followed Gandhiji's method of non-violence to achieve their aims.

1) Rajendra Prasad - Bihar Gandhi

2) K Kelappan-Kerala Gandhi

3) C Krishnan Nair-Delhi Gandhi]

4) Ahamed Sukarno-Indonesian Gandhi

5) Aung Sang Zuki-Burmese Gandhi

6) Jomokeniatta - Kenian Gandhi

7) Khan Abdul Gaffer Khan- Border Gandhi

8) Ebrahim Rugova- balkan Gandhi

9) Jerald Fischer-German Gandhi

10) A T Ariyaratna-Srilankan Gandhi

11) Kenneth Kaunda-African gandhi

12) Nelson Mandela- South African Gandhi

13)Martin Luther King(Junior)-American Gandhi

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