Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.  This is one aspect that cannot be ignored. The teachings of Islam centre on two sources. These are 

a) The Koran, which is the word of god

b) The Hadiths. These are published about 200 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad and are the exact words of the Prophet as heard by his disciples 

Both these sources complement each other and create a picture of Islamic paradise. The Koran explicitly states in sura 52-56 that a Muslim who spends his life in service of Allah( God) and lives his life as per the injunctions of the all mighty, will after death be rewarded with virgin wives in Paradise. The Koran does not specify the number, but the Hadiths further state that the number of such virgin wives will be 72.

The verses in the Koran extoll the virtues of the virgin wives and there is a detailed account of them. The Koran states that these virgin wives will always have their hymen intact and after intercourse they will have the capacity to become virgins again. In other words the hymens will be regenerated.  There is also a detailed description of their breast which will never sag and these women known as Houris will be hairless and have only eyebrows.  Their sweat will smell like musk and overall they will be a fitting reward for a true believer. For a further discussion and description of the Houris the translation of the Koran can be referred.

Most Muslim writers have accepted that the concept of a Islamic paradise is sensual The Koran also mentions that they will reside in  a large palace with all comforts and an unspecified number of boys will attend to the true believer.

The concept of the 72 virgins is an excellent motivator. Some Muslim writers say that this concept of paradise can be interpreted in another way, but the belief as stated in the Koran is sacrosanct and brooks no deviation. As the Koran is the word of god, all that is stated about the Islamic paradise is absolutely true and beyond the pale of discussion.

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