How to choose a good friend

When we join a school or college then we need to choose a good friend and it is very difficult as the atmosphere in school or college is new to us. So we need to struggle for it. Not only in schools and colleges, wherever we work, we may feel how make good friends because you need to spend more with your colleagues in your work place.

You have to choose good friends with your intelligence. According to the opportunity we get friends. With characteristics in them you make friends. So how to choose friends.

1. Compare the behavior of your friends with others

We can choose good friends by comparing their behavior with others. If your friend always complains about someone or talk about someone in the absence. So it is better not to make such person as your friend.

2. Language observation

Observe the language and the manner and the words spoken by your friend. Then only you can decide whether to continue a friendship with that person or not. If you are much interested in making friendship with the rich people then you cannot adjust with the people who are shy and sensitive minded.

3. Interests

Observe whether your friend whether your friend share your interests. There is no rule that yours and your friend’s interest should match. There is no necessary that both of should do the same job. Your friendship should be easy and light.

4. Your desires

A good friend should understand your needs. So friend should not criticize you and your goals & aims. Your friends should not make fun of the art and talent with you. Respecting friends are the main rule of friendship.

5. Make friendship with the person who listen to you

Some people keep on saying something but they never listen to you and they even won’t show interest also. So you have to keep them away from you.

Making friends look easy. But we should take a lot of care while choosing them. Slowly you need to strengthen your friendship. Among all the relationship friendship is a best relation. So friendship should strengthen slowly but not immediately as it is not all good. Immediate strengthening of friendship will get destroyed soon. If you don’t want to suffer later then you need to take a lot of care while choosing a good friend. Slowly you should improve the friendship.

Is your friend jealous of you

There are many reasons for jealous. Men dating with a beautiful woman, more salary, have more friends are some reasons for the people to feel jealous. When a friend start feeling jealous, until the relation break we may not know about this jealousy. Some friends show their jealousy feeling directly. But some keep their jealous feeling in their mind and act very sweetly with the friends.

So let us know how to find whether your friend is jealous of you or not.


The friends who are jealous of you may escape from you mostly. Because they cannot see you successful and developing. So such friends avoid your or escape from you saying they are busy and cannot meet you.


Some people bring smile on their face when you are happy. If you feel it is an artificial smile that means your friend is jealous of you.

Underestimating you

The friends who are jealous of you, they will be competing with you. They aim to develop more than you, to you show you lower. This is a common quality of jealous people. This shows your friend has inferiority problem

A friend being jealous of another friend is a common thing. Feel the happiness of your friend as your happiness. All friends are not the same kind. So talk to your friends who are jealous of you, discuss everything and remove all the misunderstanding.

How friends get separated

We make friendship with many people from our childhood and we feel to continue those friendships forever. But later after coming out of school or college we forget about those friendships. We understand about few facts and this fact makes us forget the old friendships. We make many friends in our life. But some people will have fewer friends and some will have more friends. But among all these friends how many of them are with your life long.

Friends get separated when we come out of the school or college and some friends according to the time.

Let us know why friends get separated like this.

If friends are not in touch then the distance occurs between them

The romantic relations in friendship create distance between the friends. Many of us may have a lot of friends in college. After coming out from the college we lose most of their contacts. The main reason for it is not being in touch with them regularly and being busy with your life and job. Later after many years you come across your old college friends but at that time you may not remember their also as the human memory loses very fast if the person is not in touch regularly then that person will be away from our mind.

Maintaining friends from other far place:

In such friendships there will be a lot of obstacles. We need to spend money and call the friends who are in far places. Though you are busy but you need to spare time to call your friends at weekends. You need to have video chatting. If your friend is very close to you then sometimes you need to go to their place and meet them. But most of the people are not able to take all these risks and they are getting separated.

Problems while growing

There will be good friendship in schools and colleges. But when we grow up then our interest and tastes completely changes. So due to these changes problems may occur between the friends.

Special life partner

When people grow up then they get marry. Then they will have life partner. Then children. Finally a family forms. Due to the family members friends gets separated.

Friends who are very special only will be lifelong with us.

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