Keep some distance too

Most husband and wife stay close with each other just after their marriage and that is natural but to be very frank this can create distances in some cases, as some of the people do love their privacy. They need their personal space despite having all the love and care for their partner and this is true for both, husband as well as wife. This is better to understand your partner and his psychology at mental level to know his tolerance level because too much of closeness may push him/her to boredom.

The things may change after marriage

That is right the nearness that was one of the only point of interest while the couple used while spending time with each other during courtship before marriage no more brings joy after marriage because one of them has to do some thing important. That is natural because the attraction before marriage was in between a girl and a boy, which now converted into a relation that makes each other available at their wish. However, there is no doubt about it that a partner definitely needs breathing space to keep the relations normal and interesting.

Image135Take care of your partner’s privacy

In case your partner wants to spend sometime according to his/her own choice there is no harm, do not think for a moment that the love is vanishing out of your relations but that is natural because your partner has his/her own life. Your partner must have some hobbies like spending time with friends, going out to watch movies with their gang or spend some time playing cards maybe kitty parties are her love.

The fact is that every person has a different personality and wants to live his/her own way and while he/she has to account for every minute that makes them uninterested in each other. Therefore, this is mandatory to allow your partner some time where they can do what they like most unless they are not neglecting you. 

Utilize your own time

You can always utilize the spare time your own way as you can develop some hobbies of your own to busy yourself effectively. You can always try some gardening, reading books even books on cookery or traveling or ask your friends to come down to have a chat and you always have the option to go shopping in your spare time. That way you could be able to utilize your time and you may develop your own hobbies as well in the mean time.

You should try these

A- If you think that your partner should respect your privacy then you should try to develop some hobbies in him, which would keep them occupied and utilize their time that would not only keep them busy but also in the meanwhile you would also get enough time for your own self.

B- Motivate your partner to spend a few hours according to their own choice where the other partner would not interfere in any way that would certainly make them feel comfortable.

C- You should spend the time available while your partner is busy at their own hobbies you can finish your pending work, watch movies or read the book that you were planning for long time.

D- This is must for a working couple to allow their partner to spend at least one weekend of every month to spend with friends in their own way and take the opportunity to do the same to get out of monotonous routine of the life.

E- Make sure that you do not feel bad if your partner has friends of opposite sex while going out in official outings because that is part of their business and this applies on both the partners.


Keeping these small things in mind you will see that your relations stay strong and your love life lasts for a life time after all this is small matter of understanding and adjustment that makes a big difference. The smaller things make big losses in love of married life and create big problems, avoid these to keep your love life intact forever. Once you understand your partner on ground realities you partner would love and respect you even more.

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