Can you guess who does lie women or men? You may guess women lie more than men. According to few surveys it is found that men lie more than women. Do you know why they lie? To stop few quarrels with women, to make their girlfriends feel happy, when their mistake is caught by their wife, for the sake of friends like this in some situations men lie very easily. So let us know what those situations are.

There are no other women in my mind

Actually man dream about their dream girls in their dream after sleeping. If they caught speaking about their dream girls in the sleep then they will escape saying that there is no other women in their mind. There is only place for her. The fact is, no husband will dream about their wives because wife is a fact for them.

I still remember and never forget

These words are frequently used by men. If a wife asks husband to bring something and husband for to get then husbands says i never forget whatever you say, but due to some work I went some other way. Some men say they will surely bring the next day. Some say they have some urgent work and they will bring tomorrow.

I cannot live a single day without you

Some men say these words but actually if men are busy with any occasion especially with friends then they forget about their wives.

Do you think I don’t know about it?

Men do not like to agree in front of the women that they don’t know. If the thing which women know but men does not know. Men make the women to speak about it.

Though I said you won’t like but my friends forced me to drink

When a man drinks then he says these words to his wife. Fact is, while drinking, men never remember that their wife does not like them drinking. If they remember also they will say the reason which specified above.

Lies between the couple

Actually many quarrels takes place in between the couples. They say lies to each other. In some situations they lie to save or separate from relationship.

Let us discuss what kind of lies they say each other.

Lies which men say

1. Listen, your mother is also mother to me.

2. Why you worry? You are the only beautiful girl for me in this world.

3. I have seen many women but you are the only girl who is with disciplined and special. 

4. I like you asking me everything, when I return home from office.

Lies which women say

1. You are the first man am talking to. I never talk to any man before.

2. I cannot forget you forever

3. You are only person for my love as I won’t love anyone again.

Like this most of the people lie with their lover and spouse.

Do husbands lie for the sake of love?

Husbands love to lie for the happiness of their wives. This does not mean that a woman does not lie. Women lie when necessary but men lie at any situation and any time. If men feel that the love on their wife is going to risk then they lie. The fact is, it takes more years to develop trust and belief on each other. But it takes few seconds to loose trust. 

Actually they say lie for saving their relationship. 

Why men lie to prove their love

Lying is a habit

Men feel that lying is not wrong so they lie very easily. Some men lie from their childhood. They say few lies and make their wife trust them. It may be their married life or job, men go in short cut way.

Women cannot understand

Most of the men believe in these words. If wife ask her husband what the reason for late then husband lie saying busy with some work or due to traffic. Actually he is roaming some where is the reason for his late. Men have much interest in spots. So they may go to see them and lie with their wife.

Women cannot observe facts

Men feel that women cannot understand the facts. But it is not at all correct. Most of the men request their life partner to forgive them for their lies but they fail in accepting the truth

Men lie to full fill their desire

Women keep a lot of expectations on their husbands. Husband should come with them to shopping, they should praise their beauty and their deeds are the expectations of wife from their husband. But no men can fulfill all of these. So men cheat women by saying they have fulfill all their expectations.

To prove they are right

Women will be more careful with the men who are lying. They lie about their job and life they say lies to prove that they are right. They mold the situation according to them. To prove their lode and to make their wife happy men lie.

Why women say lie

In few situations women and men say lie. Those lies may be said for strengthening their relationship or to hide secrets from others. But they lie on any topic. Nothing will be 100% percent true. There is a talk that women lie more. Most people feel that women lie more. There are many reasons behind their lies

Let us discuss those reasons.

Good desire:

In few situations women lie to save their relationship. If reveal few secrets or facts then most of their relationships will get destroy. Those relations may love, friendship or family relations or anything women feel that if they share their secrets then any problem may occur to their relationship. So like to say lie and be safe from their destruction of relationship.


Some women have nature of saying lies. But this is not by born. This nature is developed by practice. Not having good friend and family environment are the reasons. Some lie for getting sympathy and for obtaining good name in the society.

To save her:

Women says lie when their peace of mind is in risk. In few things women get blame though there is no mistake of them so women say lie to save themselves.

To hide their mistake

Though she knows the mistake is hers but she lie and hides the problems.

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