Are you in love- Really?

People feel confused when they find their partners no more interested despite having had physical relations with each other.  I am sure you understand my point and what I mean but the situation becomes worse when any of the partners feels that they were being 'used'. For sure, it wasn't a true love but just a relation that ended as long the physical attraction lasted. 

Fine, but did you care to think beyond love part of such an affair? Did you go by your instincts, if not - go by them because your instincts tell you the best about your partner and their attitude. You should ask yourself whether you find emotionally involved with your partner or you're just sleeping with them and the relation will end when you wake up. 

I guess it's really simple to find out if you two love each other true and real. It’s easy to know if you ask yourself a simple question - do you do anything together, I mean outside of your bedroom. Do you spare time going out for a movie, dine out, go for boating, dinners with common friends or whatever is seen as a date, no matter you are married? 

And, finally ask yourself whether you are emotionally involved with this person for such a long time. You should get your answer immediately. Ask yourself a simple question, do you still love them. No, you should not hurry the things but take your time. Do you still feel the same the way you felt in the beginning or you still feel excited the way you felt during your first date? 

You will have to be honest while answering these questions because it could be you did not do the right things necessary to keep a relation going. You will have to ask yourself whether you’re still interested or going through the motions, physically and mentally.  

"I love you"- It’s easy for a woman

I have been reading it for a long time that compared to women saying ‘I love you’ is really too hard for a man. I can see women can express their feelings so easily by saying, showing and discussing with friends about their love affair, partnership even while in initial stage of their affairs but men are not so sure. It means- most men do not know what love is all about (There are some exceptions though). Are you one of them?

I envy those beautiful young women having such a wonderful talent for expressing their feelings so passionately. A woman is really so blessed showing and expressing her emotions so strongly. They make me feel that most men do not know what love is all about but what they know is they cannot keep their hands off them.

I feel men has lot to learn about love from women as women always use their brain right from the beginning. As a man I can say a man comes to that stage of maturity much later but in the beginning he feels the love and sex is same. Sorry ladies, if I hurt some of you if I revealed the truth the way most men feel in this matter. I doubt if anyone will read it though- and if you do please read this too -

Love is purest form of Expression

I have a strong belief that a couple whether in a committed relationship or married should never compromise with their priorities. I am not suggesting you to not to make adjustments but not at the cost of your own career, in fact both the partners should have enough space to adjust their partner’s dreams.

I have no doubt you all will agree with me that love is the most important, delicate and beautiful feeling we can imagine about. There is another fact about love, we have change according to time and our lives have become too fast or you can say we have gone into a faster mode running too fast trying to achieve our goals but when think about love our feelings never change. For me love is the purest feeling God has provided to us all. Love is unmatched and in my humble views the love is purest form of expression. 

I have heard people saying the love too has become kind of ‘time being’ but I do not agree with them. The fact remains when a person falls in love he forgets all his other business but he gives his priority to love, only love nothing else provided his love is true and not physical. Don't you feel the world would have no meaning if there was no feeling of love in human?

And while at the subject of real love here I have no place for the people who try to come into our lives for the sole purpose of flirting with us, play with our sentiments and forget the whole incident next day. No, that is not the love I am talking about. Love is the purest form of feeling the Nature has in store for us. My question is- can you imagine love in any other form?

Have you ever thought why people fall in love and get married if the marriages fail so often? If you give it a serious thought you will reach to some simple conclusions. There is so much to so why People decide to marry but most married people living a successful life find their lives stress free and having someone to share their problems with.

Love and your dreams

I have always felt that if a person is not happy with his circumstances it reflects on his face. If a person is not happy with his family life it makes him even more tensed therefore the first and foremost condition to stay happy is to live happily with your partner but everything else comes next. 

There is no expiry date printed on your dreams but you can see them as long as you want (I have an idea that no dream lasts for more than 2-3 seconds though) but I am talking about special dreams related to your ambitions, your love life and your partners that you see often sometimes even with your open eyes. 

I have a simple question from you all, have you ever thought you had to sacrifice for the sake of your partner? If your answer is yes then you are not the first one but it is a common feeling at least in our country especially with women who always consider it their duty to look after the household or find themselves in the role of caregiver.

Let me say it works in the beginning but at a later stage as the time passes by they feel hurt or cheated. I have always believed that relationship or marriage opens a new avenue for a person for living their life in their own style. In case either of the partners feels tied down in the relationship that is simply not love but kind of compulsion and no such relationship is likely to last for a long time.

Note- Please don’t blame me in case you feel your views are different on love or have read similar ideas before!

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