Who is Lesbian

When one day I open my hotmail account then there is an email from an upset woman from their friends. In my opinion a woman cannot be a lesbian until she has a sexual relationship with other women. By this way we can easily describe the word lesbian. When a woman has a sexual relationship with other women then this relationship is known as lesbian relationship and women is called a lesbian. A word lesbian has a greater meaning. This is not only a relationship between two women but more than that. This is not only a relationship that has sexual orientation but this is a physical response known as psychological response, value related to culture, social expectations and their identity. A lesbian is very less understand by our society. They do not want to give any respect to such women. 

Some of the signs that may indicate that a girl is a lesbian culture

Suppose that you visit any mall. At that place you find a girl looking your side. With the passes of some time they start doing flirting with you. At that time these 10 signs were very useful that make you sure about the nature of that girl. Use this sign and indicate that weather that girl is a lesbian or not.  

1. First of all notice that she wants to make any eye contact or not. If that girl is smiling by looking you. Then this makes you more sure about her lesbian nature.  

2. Will that girl try to come in contact with you physically. If that girl comes into your surroundings then this is a positive sign for you. She may be a lesbian. Suppose that if you want to check that girl give a positive response to that girl if she leans toward yourself. At that moment you easily indicate that girl's thinking.   

3. Will that girl use any kind of tattoo on her body. Many lesbian girls use some kinds of tattoos that show her pride. They might use another symbol too. This all shows her intention. There are various kinds of person who use various kinds of tattoos. Make yourself confidence about this. Lesbian could use some big tattoos like a rainbow on her body. To make yourself sure about this you have to go closer to that girl.   

4. Will that girls use any kind of special jewelry. It shows her lesbian behavior. Many lesbian girls use rainbow shaped ring, Matching necklace or a labrys ( This is an older jewelry for women). If she uses such type of jewelry then this show her sexual nature. If you notice a ring on her thump then it will indicate that this indicates her bisexual behavior. If she uses a ring on her middle finger of her left hand then it indicates her lesbian nature. The ring on the middle finger is not her wedding ring but the ring that includes some kind of number.   

5. You have to notice a thing that she has a habit of playing with her hair. If she does that then it indicate her lesbian nature.  By using this method many women like to do flirt with another woman. If there is a sudden change in her face, sudden change in her expressions and eye contact then this indicates her lesbian nature. If that girl flipping her hair then this is a clear indication that she want to do some flirt with you. Escape from that situation. 

6. You can check that girl by asking her last girlfriend. Wait for her response. If there is no special and shocking response from her side then she is a lesbian because common girl response very badly on this question.  

7. Try to ask that she ever visit any gay club in her past life. Wait for her reply. Suppose that she reply this question in a positive manner then it clearly indicate that she belong to lesbian mature woman.  

8. suppose that you are very near to a coffee shop or near any restaurant then ask her to have a cup of tea or offer her ant thing.Wait for her reply. Suppose that she is ready for your company and talk with you while consume  a cup of tea then this is a clear sign of lesbian woman. 

9. Suppose that while you are talking with that girl keep your hand on her hand and try to pull that girl toward the door, near a chair. If she cannot stop of doing that action and allow you to take control over the situation as you want then she might interest in you. It indicates her lesbian nature. If all above point look positive then it clearly shows that she is interested and want your company.  

At that time you need to escape yourself from that girl. For escaping yourself just turn the discussion and demand her mobile number and tell that girl that I want to go someplace. I meet you some other day.   

Flirting ideas for lesbians

Flirting is a kind of skill that a person possesses. This is used to indicate others that he/she is interested in you.  

1. Most important flirting ideas for a lesbians is making an eye contact with you and unpretentious touching.  It is very difficult for a lesbians to know if the person they are interested in is of the same sexual opinion. The most important flirting tip for lesbians is that if lesbians search their partner. During conversation never remove your eye contact as much possible as you can. By doing this she easily come to the conclusion that you are intent what she want to say to you. Suppose that a lesbian meets her partner to some crowded place then at that time you have to find a way through which you can develop an eye contact with your partner. By doing this this gives an impression that even in a crowded area you are successful in making eye contact with her. You have to careful while making an eye contact with her. You must give attention weather she react or not. If she is not reacting then she tries to neglect you.  

2. Suppose that you find someone of your interest then you have to go closer to that interested one. This is a another idea of flirting for a lesbian lady. It is your duty to occupy that empty space between you and your interested one. Try to sit as much near as you can. This is important because without going near to that interest lady you cannot gauge a response from that interested lady. Try to touch that interested lady very softly with your thigh. After doing this if that lady make a distance from your thigh then it is a clear indication that she is not interested in you.  By doing if she comes closer to you than it indicate that she is interested in you and she is on in your relationship.  

3. Third flirting idea for a lesbian. Make a large number of positive compliments for her. This makes you as a favorite one in front of that lady. Try to make some compliments on her dress. It give really a happiness to that lady because she spent a lot of time in maintaining this dress up. If you want the get the attention of that lady then tells some joke in front of that lady. It will make her laugh. To make someone laugh it is really a difficult task but if you are a humorous then it becomes very easy for you to make her laugh. This humor can be used to make her laugh if you find yourself not best in the field of joking. 

In what way lesbian relationship stands

It is very easy to understand the components of the successful relationship in our life. But when we talk about the lesbian relationship. It is not easy for us to find a component that make this relationship long lasting. To define a relationship between a same-sex person is really a difficult task. Their relationship stands on their commitment as well as their attention. The relationship between same-sex people has to face a lot of difficulties in their life by our society. What is the reason that a relationship between lesbian cannot stand for a longer duration of time? It might be false in some cases but most lesbian relationships cannot stand for a longer duration of time. If there are some longer lesbian relationship. It cannot be noticed by our community.  Lesbian also like to spend their life in a normal way. They prefer a balanced life for each other. Many lesbian know that their relationship cannot go further but in spite of that she does not take any tips to save their relationship. Many lesbian relationship end due to ignorance of the fact that how to live in this world as a couple. They cannot make any plan for their future life. They only busy in maintaining their household furniture. They only engage in one work. This is the reason they cannot sit together and make any plan for the future. They do not like to grow together as well as dream dream under one roof. The year they passed together cannot say that this relationship has remained happy in that past year.  Some of the lesbian couples live together only because they fear from the word separation. They do not want to live separately.  Suppose that if some lesbians enjoy a happy relationship in their life. Then these are the key element that plays an important role in their successful relationship. 

The key element is as follows

  1. They must have a love in their relationship. This love gives them a passion to live together as a couple.  
  2. Try to solve the issues related to religion, related to politics and in what way to spend money.  
  3. Presence of good communication factor. They must hear one another and try to understand their feeling.  
  4. They must keep even a small thing in mind which show that they pay attention to another partner. This feeling is important.   
  5. Develop a trust in your relationship. Does not keep any secrets from your partner.   
  6. Always respect your partner and try to give appreciation to your partner if they do something for you. Partnership in your relationship must be equal.  
  7. Always give a importance to your partner. This develops a strong relationship between them.   
  8. As much as possible arrange a candle night dinner. This keeps a romance live in your relationship.  
  9. Give priority to one another and remain maintain this in your whole life.  
  10. If you make any mistake they use a word sorry and promise that it's never going to happen in future relationships.  
  11. Always try to understand your partner need and try to fulfill that need if possible.  
  12. Always make your relationship full of happiness. Try to mix your humor in your relationship.  
  13. Keep patience in your relationship. Keep Tolerance in your relationship.   
  14. Try to make your relationship flexible and avoid rigidity in your relationship. This rigidity creates a lot of problems in your relationship.  
  15. Try to mix your interest with your partner interest. You must have a proper time for each other. 
  16. It is not a good idea to develop a feeling of competition. Avoid this feeling from your relationship.   

When a lesbian couple follow this idea in their relationship then their relationship also stands for a longer duration of time. This all points proven  by all those lesbian couples who live together for a longer duration of time. 

Must follow tips for lesbian dating

Suppose that you ask a lady for a date. At that time you cannot have any idea how to handle this date. What makes this date successful. If you are a lesbian then you need to feel like an expert lady for your first date. You have to do everything that makes your first date successful and remain in your heart for a longer duration of time. Follow these tips for your first date and become expert in that. 

1. Keep yourself relaxed before your first date. It is very necessary to keep yourself relaxed before going to your first date. If you keep yourself relaxed then it is good to do some breathing exercise. It makes you relaxed. It is important for you to become alert and confident. 

2. Dress up properly and in an ideal manner. Always use those clothes that make you comfortable as well as look good on your body. Use that cloth that is comfortable and good looking. Never think more about your clothes. Always be confident about what you use as you dress up. Never bring a negative point in your mind regarding your dress up. It is not good for your coming dating.

3. Select a right place for your dating. Select a place that is suitable for your talking. Avoid those places that is full of people. At that place you both feel the feeling of uncomfortable. Suppose that you plan for a movie then plan for a dinner too. It can add a special effect on your first date. You must equip with an idea that help you to know the other partner and vice-versa. Does not come with your friend on your first date. It will destroy all excitement from your first date.

4. You must prepare a topic that is used by you during your conversation with your partner.  Must include day to day topics in your planning list. Try as much as conversation as you can. Make Your Communication full of jokes and fun. Never make your date a long one without any excitement. It is necessary that both partners equally take part in that conversation. If it is possible ask as many questions as you can ask. 

5. Should have a positive body language. When you first see your partner at date venue reply your partner with a sweet laugh. This show that you are very happy to see your dating partner. It shows your friendly behavior to your partner. Always sit in front of your partner. If possible the lean toward your partner. This show that you are interested and enjoy this date. Does not cross your both hands. It shows that you are not interested and become boring. Avoid such thing from your first date. 

6. Most important tips for your first date. Must focus on your partner's face. Try to make an eye contact with your partner. When your partner continues to talk with you. Look at your partner. Your partner feel good about you. Try to avoid mobile phone. Best idea to keep your mobile phone in a vibration mode. Never use your Facebook account during your first date. Avoid using such thing. When you are come that place concentrate only on your partner. Never keep your eyes on other lady. Try to pay proper attention on your first date as much possible as you can pay. 

7. Try to become honest and sincere on your first date. It is not good to become an over intelligent. Try to live on your limit. If you still try to become an arrogant then the chance of rejection from other side increases. Try to become simple and this will surely impress your dating partner. 

8. Try to become a good listener on your first date. Hear every word what she wants to tell you. When she talked with you at that time become a good listener. Never make any type of interruption while she is speaking. When she talks with you. At that time you need to show your interest in her speech. 

9. Try to maintain your manner. Never cross that line. It is good for you to adopt the qualities like politeness, punctuality etc. Try to become a well mannered partner. Never keep your elbows on the table. Always use a napkin during your dinner. Do not eat like a hungry one. This all is important because she is watching your activities. Escape yourself for committing any mistake. It makes your impression down in her eyes.

10. When your date is over. Make notice your partner that this is really a fun, I enjoy this moment a lot and I want to meet you again. Never keep feeling in your mind. Just share your feeling with her. At least offer a hug to your partner.  Make notice your partner that this date is really a memorable date for me. In future I like to have more such date with you. It is not good for both of them to wait for another date. Just show your real feeling on the same date. Send some messages on that night is a good idea.  At night before going to bed call your dating partner and said that this is really a great date for me. I will call you as early as possible on the next day. If you want to know someone the the venue of the first date is suitable place for you to express your feeling as well as know her feeling too. 

By using all these tips you are going to impress your partner. Suppose that this date cannot prove good for a long-term relationship between both. But with the help of this date you surely get a long-term friendship.


In this article we discussed the concept of lesbian. After reading this article you can easily differentiate between a common lady and a lesbian lady. This article also contains some of the flirting tips for a lesbian couple. Like other relationship there is a possible relationship between a lesbian couple. They must follow some of the tips give above to become a successful couple. Like other dating tips for a common man there are some of the dating tips for a lesbian couple too. They need to follow all those dating tips. It must provide some special power to such kind of lesbian lady. This all about a lesbian couple. They are also a human being and have right to live together if they want to live together.  

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