Counter Strike 1.6 is one of the most popular multiplayer computer games in the world. Lots of player play it every day. Back in 2000, it started its journey as a multiplayer game. But till now, it is dominant among Computer Games industry. Several versions have been released from then. But still CS 1.6 is the most widely played version. Everybody tries to play like a pro in this game. But to do that you need to remember some points while playing and try to incorporate in your game.These tips work in any version of Counter Strike.They are:

Aim at head: First before trying anything new, try to aim at the head of the opponent. This game is made in such a way that the more you shoot accurately, the more the life of the opponent decrease. So try to do head shots. You may try to disabling the crosshair and play on your own ability after certain time. This will increase your capability to headshot.

Double Tap: To do the most harm, try to put 2 bullets, one at the chest and the other one at the head. It decreases the most HP of the victim, killing him instantly or making him almost near to death.

3) Choose wisely your primary weapons: AK47 and M41 Carbine are the most popular primary weapons. Their killing power and accuracy are worth their prices. When using AK, dont spray i.e. shoot continuously. It is likely the bullets will not go, where it is aimed for. Maverick is comparatively comfortable to be used with 3 bullets at a go.

Using snipers: When using snipers, shoot standing still otherwise your bullet will not attack the victim. Double-zoom increases accuracy. Use powerful handguns such as Night Hawk so that you can change to secondary weapon quickly when the primary weapon is reloading.

5)Use grenades wisely: If the opponent's shooting is of medium quality, then shoot as many bullets as possible and then behind a cover, throw HE grenade to kill him away when you think his HP has reduced significantly. Use Flashbang to blind the opponent but make sure you don't get blind. So when throwing it, you look either at the ground or in the opposite direction. Throw smoke grenades in the path of the opponent so that they can't see you. This is especially done in front of the sniperist of the opponent team.

6) Shoot at Walls: In CS, bullets can always travel through almost anything. So you can shoot at the walls to kill the enemy behind. Listen for the footsteps of the foe and shoot through the wall to kill them even before seeing you.

7) Try BHOP: Bunny HOP or BHOP is a technique to walk in CS. It increases your speed and makes it hard for the opponent to aim at you. You can find several tutorials online to learn how to BHOP.

8) Shoot after ducking: If possible try to shoot after ducking. It is always easy to shoot at this position. Theheashot probability is high in this position.

9) Walk silently: Always walk silently, where you think enemy may be present. Walking silently and killing them suddenly may perplex your enemy and before realising anything they may even be dead!

10) Move while shooting: When shooting, you can move from left to right or right to left. This way you make it harder for your enemy to aim at you. But remember in this moving position, you reduce your chances to kill the enemy too. So while moving, try to stop for just some milliseconds and shoot the enemy. The enemy will not perceive you as standing and eventually get hurt by your bullet.

11) Practice daily: There is no shortcut for this. Practice a lot and you will become the best among your friends.

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